French Gumtree/Marktplaats

Hi there,
I'm new to this site and moving to France, Nièvre hopefully soon.
I was wondering if there are recommended trading/sellers sites like Gumtree and Marktplaats?
Many thanks,

Hi Barry,

The most well-known equivalent of Gumtree is Le Bon Coin (

Have a great day,

You can also try Facebook Market Place and Craigs List.

Hi, the products are not necessarely more expensive out here. It is more a matter of finding the right places. Also, don't forget that French people prefer that you use/buy French stuff or at least in French shops (logic)

There's two ways of buying your things here, especially in la Nièvre where you need to drive an end to reach shops. 1. the right shop : good examples : Brico Dépot  and 2. online shopping (which is done mostly) Good online portals ( Manomano and Amazon)

Good luck

Thank you, yes I just found the site!

Thank you, yes I shall check out the local Brico Dépot!

great ... you're on your way ;)

Thanks Mobafe!