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Travelling around Lille
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Lille is located in the heart of the northeastern railway system of France. It takes only one hour to travel to Lille from Paris, and the city is also connected by rail to London, Brussels and Amsterdam. The city has long been an industrial powerhouse, making for a well-developed railway system.

Within Lille, the transportation network is equally developed. Travellers can choose from a wide variety of transportation, including buses, subway, tramways, taxis and bikes. Car sharing is also widespread, and several companies also provide more relaxed and fun modes of transport for sightseeing, including Segways.

Subway in Lille

Lille's automatic subway system - the VAL - is divided into two lines, which cover 60 stops and 45 km.

  • Line 1 which goes from Villeneuve-d'Ascq ' 4 Cantons ' Stade Pierre Mauroy to Lille CHU-Eurasanté (Regional Hospital).

  • Line 2 which goes from Lomme Saint-Philibert to Tourcoing CH Dron

This includes the following neighbourhoods: Bois-Blancs, Faubourg de Béthune, Fives, Centre-Ville, Lille-Sud, Quartier de Moulins, Saint Maurice-Pellevoisin, Vauban-Esquermes and Wazemmes, excluding Vieux-Lille. Note that given the relatively limited coverage of the subway lines, you will often have to complement your commute with the tramway or bus services.

Tramway in Lille

The tramway system runs from the Lille Flandres and goes through Lille Europe, which are the two long-distance stations in Lille. The tramway has over 35 stops and connects the inhabitants of Croix, Marcq-en-BarÅul, La Madeleine, Wasquehal, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, Roubaix and Tourcoing. The tramway system consists of two lines:

  • Tramway R which goes from Roubaix Eurotéléport to Gare Lille Flandre

  • Tramway T which goes from Tourcoing Center to Gare Lille Flandres

Buses in Lille

Lille's bus network comprises around 60 routes, which serve most areas of the city. The Citadine shuttle is very convenient if you wish to travel to the city after parking your car in a parking lot. You will also find the Vieux-Lille shuttle which stops upon travellers' request.

Taxi, bike and car-sharing in Lille

TaxiPlus, which is the local taxi network, has a fleet of 150 taxis which are available at the Lille Flandres and Lille Europe stations, as well as the Lille-Lesquin airport.

As in other major French cities, bikes are also very popular in Lille. The following areas have large rental bike parks: Lille, La Madeleine, Mons-en-Baroeul, Villeneuve-d'Ascq, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Croix, Lambersart, Lomme et Wattrelos.

Car sharing is a widespread practice in Lille. This way, you can rent a car for a short period - even just an hour or two - 24/7. Booking is possible, but you can also rent a car on the spot if they are available. This system is similar to the one in place in Paris.

Unconventional transportation in Lille


Hiring a Segway can be an interesting way of discovering Lille. A Segway is a large electric scooter with two wheels. It will allow you to travel at a speed of 7, 14 or 20km/h, depending on the model you have chosen.

Happy Moov City Cruisers

Happy Moov hosts an extensive bike taxi network and is ideal for those who are environmental-conscious during their travels. The City Cruisers are a fun way of travelling around the city. The cruisers can either be hired in the streets or at one of the hubs in the city.

Overview of fares in Lille

The fares in practice in Lille are as follows:

  • Subway: 1.65 Euros per trip and 1.05 Euros for a ZAP trip (for three subway stations)

  • Tramway: 1.65 Euros per trip and 1.05 Euros for a ZAP trip (for three tramway stations)

  • Bus: 1,65 Euros per trip

  • Bike: 1.40 Euros running costs for a 24h rental: 1 Euro per half an hour (the first 30 minutes are free of charge). A security deposit of 200 Euros is required.

  • Car sharing: 6 Euros for registration, 1.50 Euros running costs per hour and kilometre (including fuel) depending on the type of vehicle.

  • Segway: as from 4 Euros for a 30 minutes ride or 15 Euros for a half day (training Segway license: 4 Euros).

  • Bike taxi: 1 Euro as you hire the vehicle 1 Euro per km and per passenger (a maximum of 2 passengers).

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