English speaking groups in Sete


I'm American. Will be in Sete at end of August. Would love to meet up with english speaking groups ect..

Hello Big Daddy Project Band,

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Will this be your first visit ?



Hi - My husband and I will be in Sète at the end of August as his family owns a vacation apartment there.  We live in France full time, formerly living in NYC.  Sète is amazing, one of my favorite cities in France. 

Hi Karesanti !

I am moving with my husband and our 1 year old to Sète in January ! I am a French citizen, born and raised in Lyon but have been living in the US since I was 11. Baltimore has been my home for the last ten years and it's here that I met my husband. He will be attending culinary school in Agde and so we are going to move to Sète. We're really excited for this change : we spent a week there in July during our time in Europe and fell in love. I would love to know what neighborhoods you recommend for someone like us, in our early 30s with a small child ?


Hi Julie,

I would aim for the the quartier Haut or around Parc Simone Veil (also known as Jardin du Chateau d'Eau).  Those are my favorite spots.  But really anywhere near the canal is great.  Also over by musée Paul Valery.  That said, I don't live there full time, I'm in my 50s and I don't have kids so take all that with a grain of salt ;)

My husband and I are currently living in Lyon, which is nice but I prefer Sète by far.  We're hoping to move to down there in a few years.  Good luck with your move!  It really is a great city. 

Visit the grave of George Brassens. If you don't know who he is go back to America. Gare au gorille!!

Moving to Sete at the end of October. I am a franco-aussie looking to make new friends in Sete.

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hello and welcome !

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Would like to make friends. Inbox me . Thanks