EP got rejected & HR appealed about 15 days now

Sanchita26 :

And also do I need to fill the EP forms again as the date will be a mismatch or my old filled form will work any idea ?

it depends on how much you like this job/company and if you have other options. if you would like to stick with this one please be prepared to wait at least five weeks (2wks repost + 3wks appeal review process). unfortunately, it cannot be shorter than this based on most recent anecdotes.

Sanchita26 :

They have written the reason this but not specifically mentioned that this is the only reason.
Just asking your opinion should I start looking other jobs ?

If they have not indicated other reasons then probably that's just their only reason for rejection, unless you think there should be more? ;) no one can really say if you have to start looking for other jobs, unfortunately this is a decision that has to be made by you, considering how long you can wait, how bad you want this job/company, and your alternative options. good luck!

Hi guys ,

I have been following this forum for more than a month now and I'm obliged to declare my exp. With EP.

Nationality indian
Work exp , 11 years
Salary 10500
Employer , decent sized mnc with strong fundamentals
Similar work exp -yes
Position - regional sales manager asia
First time EP application
Current work location  malaysia

Ep applied  20th Feb
Rejected 10th march
Reason , salary mismatch from the job ad.
Job reposted with correct salary range for 14 days.
More than 20 applicants applied
Appealed on 25th March stating the reasons to choose me.
Appeal successful 5th April 19

Hope it helps as some reference.


Thanks hope to get my EP soon without any flaw. Because mine case is same with a very reputed client

Pp2307: Thanks for sharing your information!
It is interesting to note that your EP was approved although over 20 locals had applied through the jobs bank. Your company must have given a very strong justification for hiring you instead of all these legally more eligible applicants. Congratulations!

Thank you Beppi ,

I'm no one to pass a verdict with how EP application goes here , however from my limited exp. , what I feel is MOM on one side has raised the bar on their eligibility criterea , secondly they are finding ways to annoy or rather make the employer think twice or thrice (by rejections ) if they really want to hire an expat , if the employer is still persistant , it may ring bells to MoM to support them by issuing an EP or indirectly supporting something good for the country.. i was glad only 20 applied when I was expecting minimum 100 of those ,because applying is one thing and being apt to that position is a totaly different thing..

I will undergo medical examination today , have a nice weekend everyone..

Yes, as with all good government agencies it is MoM‘s duty to carry out what politicians have decided. And it was decided to reduce the number of foreigners without unduly hurting the economy. It works quite well the way they implemented it, don‘t you think so?

Till now I see there are only 2 applicants applied for the job on the portal. And about the surety company has already given me the offer letter . They have given me 5 April as joing date but due to this rejection they have to extend the joining date to 5 may .and they have also taken the permission from the client as well. Hoping for a positive reply from mom this time. If is already very delayed

And thank you all for your replies.. this is really a very nice forum my :)

Yes Beppi , like any sensible govt will think , it is to their interest to look after their own citizen's well being.. as of now it seems like a thoughtful filtered approach for letting in expats which is good for the country.. after all it is one tiny island which has its defenite limits to contain..

Hi sanchita did your ep got approved??

I m also sailing in the same boat ...till the time appeal is not approved or rejected even can't see the status on ep online...it shows error0000236 no record found

Hi can u pls update whether ur ep got approved by now?

Hi not yet .

Appeal about 1 wk now but I can see my status as rejected. No error message for me.

Mine was appealed on March 18 and till now no update from HR..this seems a very apprehensive situation ...some local Singaporean raised concern about hiring a foreigner for job posting ... my experience job profile is very strong but for Singapore applying for the first time..and it's a long wait really long...

Did you recieved FIN number or u check ur application via ur passport number ..I check through my passport number only and it shows no record found

Try checking with your FIN instead (your employer should hav received it from MoM - if not, they should ask for it). If it still shows no record found, this should be cleared with MoM - potentially the application was lost and is not in process (which would explain the long wait).

I have FIN number and application number as well since I am already on DP here.

Thanks for replying 😊 will check for sure

Wish u all the best😊

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