EP got rejected & HR appealed about 15 days now

It was done through my consultancy I got within 2 days

After approval, the IPA is issued almost immediately - at most a few days!

Hello, i have a question.
will mom check on scholarships bond declared in company’s job application form?

MoM does not care about private bonds or contractual duties. But if you are talking about government bonds, e.g. after getting a scholarship to study in Singapore, no need to tell: they already have that information.

Bro how long to take time for appeal?

Ashwinachi: Please read the thread "How long will my work pass (EP, S-Pass, WP) application take" to get an idea of the time involved and the factors influencing it.
And why do you start or end every sentence with "Bro"? Is that a word? What does it mean?

It means brother

Sorry then that I replied, despoite not being your sibling!

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