Comprehensive Bahrain Visa Process & FAQ - Work & Self sponsorship

1) No they don't keep passport. They will send you an email when the approval has been received.  You can go to Bahrain then to get it stamped
2) None except don't sell the property
3) CPR has nothing to do with being able to work or not.  It is an identity card issued to all legal residents of Bahrain i.e. have residence permit.  You can get CPR

Thanks for the info XTang.

Just to clarify another point, the Certificate of good conduct deed is still a requirement or has been dropped as the deposit of 15000 bhd?

No certificate of good conduct is required.   Deposit only has been dropped.

Hi XTang,
Appreciate the effort you had put in for a such a detailed explanation of the process.

I would like to clarify something with regards to "Can wife sponsor kids and husband?"
If me and my wife are both on work visa and suppose I lost my job. Does that mean me and
my kids can't be sponsored under her visa? I thought sponsoring worked both ways which
would be a peace of mind for family in case one person loses their job and there is no rush
to finding another one.

Thanks in advance.

Well this is the way it is.  Women cannot sponsor husbands.  And neither kids if the husband is in Bahrain on a work visa.   If the husband loses his job, then he needs to cancel his visa and give NOC in front of notary to allow wife to sponsor kids.   But under no circumstances will they allow a wife to sponsor a husband if she is on a work visa. The only exceptions are some women in the financial services sector. 

Although women on investor visa (investors in a company not real estate) can sponsor husband and kids without any issue.

Hello everyone,

So, I have just received my work permit. My employer is the university of Bahrain.

     I was under the impression that my employer is going to apply for visas for my wife and kids. They did ask for attested marriage license, copies of passports, etc. And information about family members  was required in the work permit application form that I filled.

  Now, the employer is kind of urging me to come and they said that I MUST go to Bahrain first, and that they can not apply for family visas now.. Is this correct ? Is it true that my employer (which is in this case a public  (I mean government-affiliated) institution ) cannot apply for family visas  before I land in Bahrain ?

The reason I doubt this is that I worked for a public university in KSA before, and they did issue visas and tickets for me and my family members simultaneusly..

Thanks a lot

Depends really. They may want you to get your visa stamped and get cpr before they apply.  A lot of employers do that.  It is possible to do it before as well ie get family visit visas and then convert them once your visa is stamped, but there is no way you can force them to do it.  As long as they are going to do it, a few weeks here and there doesn't matter.

Hi Xtang,

Thanks a lot for your replies. You are really doing an extraordinary amazing work on Expat. Thank you.

Sticky updated for questions today.

Sticky updated for different items - as I finally got my 10 year self sponsorship visa stamped in the passport.  So now the process is listed with clear facts.


How much is visiting visa of bahrain of three months

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Hello  Xtang
My employer has applied for Work visa and in LMRA website it  shows emoliyment visa in progress and monthly fees paid .

It has been applied 1 day ago.

Can you please give me an rough idea  how long wil it take for final process .

I guess my papers are still with LMRA.


The thread you posted on has the answers to all of your questions.  Go to the first page and read carefully.  Don't be lazy.

Congratulation Xtang.
I applied at the end of September and as of today i am still waiting.
If you do not mind, can i ask you how long did it take to get the 10 years self sponsorship visa.
I am writing to the self sponsorship office every month but the always answer still in process.
Thanks in advance

Well it took me roughly two months but then again, I had been in Bahrain for 5 years before that. So I assume the checks for me were quicker than most. What I have heard is that it takes an average of 4 months for people from outside Bahrain.

Hi, my work visa status is "employment visa is prossesing" long time(1 Wick). what happened? Can you tell me?

Read the sticky - no one can tell you what happened.  Only your sponsor. 

And secondly, READ THE STICKY, I have clearly listed the timelines as between 2 to 4 weeks - don't ask the same question again without doing your research. Don't be lazy.

Salam Xtag,

Just now i check from LMAR Regarding my visa process the Status Shows that 'Valid Employment Visa' Is means all the process is complete? Now my company issue me visa to come Bahrain or what next?

As I keep saying again and again, read the sticky on the first page.  Your question was already addressed by me under the heading of issuance.

I want apply evisa for  mother with 10 years old child. What documents need?


When I checked with passport number its showing. " Valid employment visa" but the photo is not available??

what is the status now

sriharish06 :

When I checked with passport number its showing. " Valid employment visa" but the photo is not available??

what is the status now

Hi Can I know when was your visa applied on ? How long the process took ?
Based on the information he has given so far, if it shows Valid Employment Visa, it will take a couple of days for the visa to be printed.

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