About Bahrain

Bahrain is home to a significant number of expats, particularly from South East Asia. Similarly to other Middle Eastern countries, it has benefited from its oil reserves that have allowed it to significantly develop its infrastructure, though it has since diversified its economy. Similar to other countries in the region, Bahrain enjoys a hot desert climate and is prone to long periods without rain.

The constitutional monarchy of Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf, between Qatar to the South and Saudi Arabia to the West. A large part of the island is desert, though there are land reclamation projects that have increased the habitable area of Bahrain. There are also smaller islands that form part of the Bahraini territory and are important to the biodiversity of the area as they act as home to various species of migrating birds.

The country's economy is quite open, and many international companies are based there; particularly those in the finance sector. Many expats work in the Bahraini branch of these international institutions. Bahrain's economy also continues to benefit from upstream and downstream developments. Tourism is another key sector of the economy, and expats living in the country can enjoy the multitude of attractions, from historical mosques to large shopping malls.

Though the country has a thriving economy, expats should note that there is a high degree of censorship in the country, with most media outlets being state-run, and offending the government carries severe penalties. Supporters of opposition or secular groups can be arrested.