Shopping in Bahrain

Updated 2013-02-18 11:03

Shopping in Bahrain

Bahrain City Centre

Bahrain is filled to the brim with hypermarkets and shopping Malls. In my personal opinion there are way too many.

Food Shopping: I am giving a very basic guide to food shopping and again this in my personal opinion. Best places for pork are Waitrose and Alosra. Alosra sausages are awful though and taste like washing up liquid. Waitrose is slightly more expensive but the quality is perfect.

Al-Jazeera also has a pork section but those hypermarkets are very dirty and personally I avoid them.

For everyday shopping Lulu hypermarkets are fantastic - their roasted chicken on the hot counter is lovely. Their fresh fruit, veg, fish and meat are excellent too.

Geant hypermarket also is well known for their fresh produce (inside Bahrain Mall)

Carrefour hypermarket is huge (inside City Centre Mall) but their fresh produce is awful and is usually ruined/gone off by the time you get home. The fish and meat counters have a very strong smell and everyone knows that fresh fish and meat should have no smell to it.

All hypermarkets stock wheat free produce and organic foodstuffs for people with specific dietary needs so don't worry that you won't be able to buy what you need.

There are a lot of market stall holders selling fruit and veg on the side of the road. Visit quite a few before you make up your mind. Where I live in Saar there are quite a few of these stalls but only one has freshly picked produce every day.

Clothes Shopping and General Shopping: City Centre Mall has 3 floors of shops that can keep you busy for days. On the top floor there is also a huge cinema, a waterpark, tenpin bowling and a huge food court.

Seef Mall is smaller and has a good variety of shops and a food court and 2 cinemas

Bahrain Mall is quite small in comparison but again has a food court and a lot of nice shops (also has a post office)

Dana Mall has a cinema, lulu hypermarket and a few shops. A lot of the Mall has empty shops

Moda Mall is the designer boutique Mall where you can find all your designer clothes and accessories.

There are many, many more Malls in Bahrain and I've only covered a few in the centre.

If you have any further questions about shopping, visit Shopping in Bahrain forum to see previously asked questions or create a new topic for yourself if your question has not been answered before.

Written by brightonguy and Josnuggles.

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