Education and childcare in Bahrain

Education and Childcare in Bahrain
Updated 2020-02-24 13:53

Both public and private schools are available in Bahrain, but most expats tend to enrol their children in private schools so that they can have a similar education to their home country. Before moving to Bahrain, it is essential to research educational and childcare options. 

Places in international schools in Bahrain are in high demand, often with waiting lists. Expats will find private education to be of a high standard, perhaps with a smaller class size than at home, and excellent teaching staff from many countries.

Childcare and nursery in Bahrain

Childcare provision is exceptional, with many nurseries, childcare centres, and au-pairs available. Many of the private international schools also have a pre-nursery and/or infant care option and is a great choice if you would like your children to progress into that school when old enough. Ask for recommendations from work colleagues or on the Bahrain forum.

As with schools, when seeking an au-pair, word of mouth from friends or colleagues is a great way to find someone, and there are many au-pair websites to search.

Private schools in Bahrain

The country offers a range of private, international, and religious schools at all levels of education from pre-school to secondary, partly due to the high number of expats.

International schools follow various curricula including, British, American, Indian, and Australian. All schools will offer team sports, extracurricular activities, and clubs. Teaching staff are drawn from all around the world.

There are approximately 50 international schools in Bahrain, including the British School of Bahrain, Multinational School Bahrain, AMA International School, St Christopher’s, and Bahrain Indian School.

Before making a decision, ask around, speak to other parents with children at the school and ask questions on the forum. Do not rely on the glossy prospectus that schools often supply as they rarely tell the whole story.

As there are so many international students in Bahrain, the demand for places often outstrips supply, and long waiting lists are in place for some schools. Parents should start the application process well before moving overseas.

Tuition fees are high for private schools, although students receive a high calibre of education, small classes sizes, and highly qualified teaching staff. Some employers offer to fund school fees, fully or partially, depending on your salary package. This is something you should discuss with any potential employer before accepting a contract.

Public (Government) schools in Bahrain

In Bahrain, public schooling is free of charge, including school meals, transport, and uniforms. Education is compulsory for children between the ages of six and fourteen. Boys and girls have their own schools with teaching and administration staff being of the same gender as the pupils.

Very few expats send their children to public school as classes are Islamic and in Arabic. English is taught in public schools from an early age, although children who do not speak Arabic would be at a strong disadvantage in the public school system.

For a better overview of the public education system in Bahrain, refer to the government website.

Universities in Bahrain

The largest public university is the University of Bahrain, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhDs in a wide range of subjects, including business, education, law, health, and engineering.

Several private universities are present in the Kingdom, including some UK and USA universities operating a Bahrain campus, such as Bentley University (USA) and the University of Wales, Bangor (UK). Students often choose to return to their home country to enrol in university, after finishing their secondary studies in Bahrain.

 Good to know:

There are a number of technical schools, in which students can learn trades and undertake apprenticeships.

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