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I have been getting dozens of private messages on this topic.  So for one last time, let me clarify for everyone and hope (which is misplaced I guess) that they will bother to read instead of asking the same question again and again.  First of all, try and understand the difference between a blacklist and travel bans.

Travel bans are court ordered and can be checked on  These are ordered by court to immigration and once removed, immigration does NOT enforce them anymore.  You owe someone money, didn't pay, went to court, you lost and still didn't goes to execution court and then travel ban.

Blacklists are NOT published and even though you may approach immigration with your passport details, they may NOT confirm or deny that you are on one.  The only way to know for sure is to apply for a visa.  Blacklists are created for many reasons but primarily have to do with your past history in the country (crime, illegal activity or overstays).  And even if you are taken off them, it does not mean that you will get a fact, in most cases you won't.   Because while you are on that list, it says to immigration "NEVER let this person in" but when you are off it, just because of the fact that you were once on it, it says to immigration "This person is no longer on a blacklist so you can let him in IF YOU DON'T THINK HE IS A RISK"............and in majority of the cases, no immigration officer wants to take a risk by letting you in.  Simple human psychology.   To explain this in a simple way with a bad example:  You go to a club regularly and every time you get drunk & loud.  One day, you get involved in a fight and as a result, you get banned from the club.  It is proved that the fight was not your fault.  You are unbanned but the club still never lets you in.  Why?   because with your behavior, you are a walking time bomb which attracts trouble and no one wants that around.   It is the same here................bad judgement / behavior can lead to long lasting implications when it comes to visas all around the world - many countries will not give you a visit visa even if you have even a minor felony.

Now the different types of cases:

1) If you have been deported from Bahrain, the chances of you every coming back or getting another visa are close to zero.  It is absolute zero if it was a criminal case and on top of that, it may spoil your chances in other GCC countries as well if it was a serious case.  There is NO way of getting this overturned short of knowing some very senior people at the top of the government who can act on your behalf  (Status can be checked with immigration using passport details)

2) If you had a legal case or difficulties without getting deported but still ended up on a blacklist.  Again the chances are limited because, first, you will have to pay the lawyers to settle all these cases and get the record removed.  After that, there is NO guarantee that immigration won't reject your visa.   This is because immigration acts on the basis of doubt and they don't have to justify their refusal to ANYONE  (Status can be checked in the first case with immigration but once removed from blacklist, no point in checking if refused as refusal is not on the basis of blacklist)

3) If you overstayed then your chances can vary.  If the overstay period was long e.g. years........and you left on your own after paying fines, chances are again, close to zero.  If it was short, then again, the chances are not great.  The only way out in both of these cases, depends on your employer i.e. how much of an effort they make with immigration to get you a visa and how influential they are in that (big company, lots of employees, connection with chamber of commerce etc).  (Status cannot be checked with immigration as you are NOT on a blacklist...........its just because that you overstayed that your name is flagged as a risk.............and will always remain as a risk..........never to be removed)

Hope it is clear now so please stop sending me private messages with the same question again and again.

Hello..My cousin was deported from Bahrain last week..the police caught him because his visa was expired and then we arranged a ticket for him on our own expense and then we told the police that we arranged the ticket and now u can send him back because we don't wanted to wait for the whole procedure so that's why we just book a ticket for him and then the police take him to the airport at the date of departure and sends him we want to check that whether he is banned or not..if he can come to Bahrain again or can we check? I checked his travel ban on by putting his cpr number and they said there is no travel ban..but we are not sure whether he is blacklisted or not and if he is blacklisted then for how long he is blacklisted?and what's the difference between travel ban and blacklisted..thank u.

Travel ban is applied by the execution courts.  Basically, it is a legal process which happens in case of you defaulting on debts or other civil cases or referral through public prosecutor.  The ban doesn't allow you to leave Bahrain until you address the issue that resulted in the judgement.

A blacklist is something that is applied by immigration for many reasons e.g. security issues, overstay on expired visas etc etc.  Officially, they don't say that there is a blacklist but people with records like this, usually do not get visas to Bahrain.  The only way to check is to go to immigration with his details.

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What is difference between black list and travel ban.. If any blacklist how to check.. Pls reply

travel ban mean if u r inside bahrain u can't leave it u r blocked inside

for blacklist it means u did something against immigration rules so u can't enter bahrain

Scroll up and read.   I have already explained it.

Sir I coming bahrain  last februvary 22 my belt not good this case 6month I come back I payed to  npra there is any black listed

Ask someone to check with your details in immigration.

How i can check backlis in Bahrain ?

How i can check backlis in Bahrain ?
I want to know now i can back Bahrain or not.!ut/p … BIS9nQSEh/

You can check on the above link, however, not all bans will show up here and as Xtang mentioned to get a confirmation from NPRA

How can i know if am blacklisted in bahrain?
read my above comment.
@XTang I was working in Bahrain as a driver but my employer can't renew my visa therefore LMRA arrested me and deported in last December 2021now I am here in Pakistan and want to come again in Bahrain can I come or not can u check my blacklist for how long.
Thanks in advance
Why were you arrested and deported??   if it was a crime, forget about Bahrain.

For overstays, it can take 3 years or more and potentially heavy involvement of a good PRO/lawyer to get a visa through.
XTang plz guide me. My employer filed a case against me of stealing and miss use of my position. The court ordered 6 months prison and an amount to payback to company. Once 6 months completed they asked me I said I don't have this amount I can pay in installment. After 2 weeks they deported me and it was mentioned in judgement blacklisted. Although in immigration still showing I am ok. My question is.
1) can I travel to any other GCC country.
2) what about that amount that I need to pay?

I  need your help was in Bahrain for 4 years worked as a house maid then got job outside was working in a cosmetics and later finished my contract & left but wanted to come back Bahrain l have been applying visa & they rejects when l checked in Bahrain ban l find out there's amount of 708bd for me to pay so that l can travel l don't know where it came from  is that a ban or a blacklist??

No one can tell you what that amount is for.  It could be anything you owe or a court case judgement.  Check first on for court execution orders, if any.
Can u please help me with the procedure on how to c the case it's not bringing anything to me.l checked on l put my personal number & found out that l have 708bd that l have to pay & does that also means am blacklisted?
Pay that amount.  Probably you have a travel ban on you.

@Suzy Sha Mwas

Please note that paying the 708 BHD does not give the right to the visa. Contact a Lawyer in Bahrain. Check the case and verdict and whether the judge has mentioned any number of years as Ban. Even though the years of Ban are completed get a confirmation from the lawyer that it has been updated in the system in NPRA.

Even though all of the above is completed the NPRA can still reject your application in the basis of the previous case so do not be 100% sure.


Good morning sir I have on friend last week her boos sand to her back philippine just I want to he make her blacklist or not

She will know when she applies for a visa again.


sir please share the link of website where I can check my status of blacklisted or not.

What website? for court ordered travel bans. Immigration bans don't show here

@XTang if you will go immigration to check is there a chance that they will capture you because a blacklisted is trying to fix the issue to get visa. thank you for the answer.

Not really unless you are overstaying for a long long time or there is a criminal case in the background.

@XTang hi I want to ask if there is a chance to come back in bahrain... If u r blacklist, how many years if u r blacklist? over staying in bahrain in 2 years, Coz she have problem in xray before and she didn't leave bahrain quickly... There's a chance to remove or pay it? What the best thing can do the company who want u to work with them?

Thank u... God bless🙏

I have no idea what the blacklist was for.  But in a majority of cases, it is permanent.

@XTang she's blacklist for over staying in bahrain in 2 years...

Keep applying but I don't think the visa will be easy.

hi sir I'm blacklist in immigration how I make clear my blacklist

Unfortunately you cannot.

Pradeep Patwa check black list bahrin

@XTang sir can i interfere a certain issue as it is related to blacklist topic, thanks.

what if you overstayed in bahrain for 4years without visa due to you cant get any visa because you are blacklisted in ministry of health. is there any penalty or fine in airport immigration (how much it will be) if planning to exit bahrain permanently? thank you for the answer. appreciated much.

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Check black list

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You overstayed.  Large fine. You can't exit without paying it.