Blacklist removal period

There was case registered from Zain for unpaid of 600bd related phone bills.
Now already paid 400bd .
Only after the full settlement court will remove the blacklist.
How much time does it take to remove the blacklist.
Will it take few days or more?

I think you meant to say travel ban.  Blacklist is generally for criminals or security risks and that is more or less permanent.

After payment, this will pass through the execution courts.  It is difficult to predict how long it will take but could be some days to a month or more depending on many factors.

I know one case personally where in we cleared it in 3 working days, having said that it will depend as XTang mentioned.

If suppose I enter Bahrain without paying Zain bills.
Will b any problem in airport.
Like can I pay after entering to Bahrain.
Or it's only problem when I travel from Bahrain to India?

You haven't clarified what the real issue is i.e. travel ban applied or not?

If it has been applied, you wont be able to leave to begin with.  If it has not been applied, then yes you can travel.

I have checked in immigration it' shows Zain blacklist.
Almost a year back I had mobile with Zain.
I dint pay for 10months as I was in native. But now I paid half amount.

Now I'm in India.
My question is can I go to Bahrain now
Is there any problem to enter from India to Bahrain

Do you have a visit visa or work visa issued for Bahrain which will allow you to travel there now?

If the visa was issued, then I don't think you would have a problem entering Bahrain at least.  Leaving might be another problem.

If there is no visa, apply for one and you will find out.

I have heard that if there is a blacklist flag, you could be detained at the airport, however i cannot confirm this, better get your company pro get it checked through immigrations.

Hiii... Hope u r fine and doing well, I just need a favor as u r currently living in Bahrain and sharing ur experience from there to help others.. I just want to ask you that I am current working in Saudi Arabia and I am having a job offer from Bahrain, so if I will go to India from Saudi Arabia on re-entry exit visa so can come to Bahrain and join the company on employment visa... Or I have to take proper exit visa from Saudi Arabia first to come and join the company in Bahrain

You can do either as it doesn't matter for Bahrain.   Ideally you should do a proper exit from Saudi so that if you ever want to go back there, you are able to and are not banned.

Hlo sir
Before 1 year iam in prison in Saudi Arabia jeddah now iam deported and arrived in India
But iam next month go to Bahrain so my question is I go to Bahrain any no entry problom
Any issues pls reply

Any emigration problem?? Or no problem?

As long as you have a valid visa to enter Bahrain there should not be any issues.


How to remove travel ban or 3 year black list

Sort out the issue that caused you to be placed on it in first place. If its debt, then its easy. If it is labour ban then much more of a problem.

I want to ask..because I have travel ban due to traffic accident way back 2017..I am already cleared on the case..I went to court and traffic division and told me I am clear and they will removed my name..but still I have my name on the list..what should I do?

Hi Guys,
Friend of mine had 20 months pending VIVA, Zain And Batelco bills, also Bahrain credit car loan, but Airport didn't stop him. when sponsor went to immigration to check on that, they said person can enter Bahrain with no problem but cannot go out without settling the outstanding. also he had a court case with Bahrain credit for the car loan and had travel ban, but he manage to pay the full balance amount. after that bank sent him to their Lawyer, and they gave him clearance, he took that to Manama courts, they gave him appointment with judge same time, he took that to Judge Secretary and gave the clearance letter he got, it took him like 4 hours waiting there, but they removed the travel ban from their system. as soon as court removed the block it went to central bank of Bahrain as well because his account was block, also immigration system, all the best.

Hi Sir, is it possible to exit from Bahrain to UAE upon deportation from Bahrain?

If you have a valid visa for UAE, yes.  And if the deportation is not for a criminal case.

Hi sir,,yes its a visa visa and plane ticket ..deportation case because of overstaying/illigal staying.tnx for replying..

I mean visit visa from UAE

If it is a deportation which is physically going to be done by Bahrain immigration i.e. they hold you, take you the airport, put you on the plane and hand over your passport to the aircrew; then you won't be able to go to the UAE - as they will buy a ticket for your home country only.

If it is only you leaving by yourself, then yes, you can go.  Overstay won't cause problems in other countries as I said before - only criminal record does.

Hello . Kindly tell me what to do in this situation. A very good friend of mine is in very difficult situation. Almost 3 years she got blacklist in bahrain and the person who put her in troubles stole all money and everything from her while police didn't even care. She really needs to come back to Bahrain due to so many circumstances.  What is the way to clear blacklist? Nobody can give any answer, all people in Immigration and ministery of interior are just rude and don't want to talk to us. In court the period of blacklist isn't mentioned. A lot of money has been paid already and people just cheated.

That is why you need to get a lawyer to do this on your behalf.  It will cost money and won't be cheap.  I recommend Khalid Khan.  Google for his blog and contact details.

The thing is so many lawyers have been hired and paid money but nothing has been done,including Khalid as well

What you have to understand is that lawyers will advise you on a few things only:

1) The reason for the blacklist
2) What is the process to try and remove it as well as documents / procedures required

But NO ONE and absolutely NO ONE can guarantee that it will be lifted - if it was imposed for a serious reason then it might very well be permanent or will take a lot of time to remove.

And as I mentioned before, Khalid has had a lot of success in these things.  Unless you provide the details of your entire discussion with him, the feedback from him, the process that is needed to be followed etc etc; I really can't tell you anything.   Try and understand that no one here on these forums knows anything about your case.  If you want detailed advice, then you are going to have give detailed information.

Thank you very much sir

hello sir  i have pending bill in zain ksa  now they black listed me   now what will be the future problem for me

Good day!!!
I have question based on my experience in Bahrain..I was deported in Bahrain.
When I was in court judge asking me did u do a sex in your room for 8bd..and I say no..
And u want to stay in jail or going home? So I choose going home in my country which is Philippine..
My question is can I work any gcc country?
I have already offer to kuwait for a new job.
Please I need a serious answer..thank u

Well what is for sure is that you can't come back to Bahrain.   And other GCC countries depends entirely on whether the criminal case was registered, closed and then uploaded to GCC security database - if that was done, then you are out of luck.  If not, then you can still go to Kuwait.  However, no one here can tell you for sure - the only way to know is to apply and see.

Applying visa right in kuwait?!

When I check in the system I still have a active visa in Bahrain.

I'm just wondering why I still have a visa in bahrain

I don't know about that but your sponsor may not have cancelled.  You can be on the blacklist with a valid visa if the court allows you to leave.   If you go via the jail route, the visa is cancelled on deportation. 

And yes, applying visa in Kuwait.

If block listed it's your name not found in a system in Bahrain!?

I check my visa today In system it's shown not valid?

I thought it's was shown block listed in system bahrain

1) If your visa in Bahrain shows as not valid then it means just that.  Happens when the visa expires or is cancelled
2) It will NEVER show as "blacklisted" anywhere.  That is not a term.  It is a status which exists in internal immigration / security systems against your record and is not publicly shared

If I can work in kuwait and have visa...
Is there problem to issuing residency if or cpr..

I heared I have only problem in Bahrain not all over in gcc

As I said, try and see.

Good morning Mr Tang.
I'm deported from Bahrain for a criminal case with a one-month prison sentence. Wheb i left Bahrain i had Zain debt and car debt. My question. After i deported, do i have to pay all the bills? What if I transit in others GCC countries? Will the local police identify me?

Thank you so much

Hello  they write on my passport they banned me for two years  now is 3 years and 6 months

  any hope for me  I am a Nigerian
Any hope for to come back to Bahrain
No one here can tell you.  Ask someone to check on your behalf with NPRA.