Visa status - Employment visa in grace period

Hello mates

My Employment visa still valid upto 17/07/2018, but if I check through LMRA website, visa status shows employment visa in grace period, it means what? the employer already cancelled my visa or it is only alert?

And also monthly fees not paid, subject to work permit cancellation

Sambath S

Visa has been cancelled and you have thirty days grace period to correct your status or leave the country.

The monthly fees has nothing to do with you but with your employer.  They have to pay a monthly fees for each visa under their CR.  If they don't, all visas are cancelled.

Hello XTang

Thanks for clarification, I checked with my HR about these, but she is saying that visa still valid, it just need to renew, I am little confused, are you sure my visa got cancelled?

Sorry misread initial post - means visa is about to expire  and is in grace period of renewal. If cancelled it will say employment visa not valid and then you have grace period or 30 days to leave.

Thank you Xtang

Hi My visa got expired on 17th of July, but visa still not renewed, my employer insisted to stay home until visa renewal, is it really difficult to renew a existing visa? because every day I am hearing from my employer different stories. Can any one explain the procedure or steps to renewal of visa.

It is a straightforward process if your company doesn't have any issues.  All they need to do is click one button within EMS system and the process is started.

Is it required any authorised signature to renew? Because our MD is out of country. They are telling he is the authorised person for signing in LMRA application, so we cannot do it now. If it is online process no need any signature right?

Online the authorised and responsible people have their logins. Depends if he has shared his login or not.

Okay thanks for your support . They might be playing with us. I can handle it now.

In my case it says employment visa in grace period and monthly fees paid. Are you sure that this means that employment visa is due to be renewed and not canceled ??
It also says health care status B although my employer issued a health insurance with takaful ..does this status mean it s been cancelled ?

Thank you

It means that employment visa is due to expire soon.  And healthcare status, doesn't matter, ignore it.

Can I travel in grace period?

My Visa is getting expired in 2 days and I am traveling today, can I travel or not? My Visa is showing in grace period under lmra website.

You can travel but you won't be able to come back when it has expired.  Grace period only applies when you are inside Bahrain.

Im in India now ,my visa is in grace period.Can I travel to bahrain now?

Grace period after visa cancellation?   then no, you can't.  The grace period is only for those people who are inside Bahrain and allows them to stay 30 days after cancellation.  If you leave or are outside, you have left and don't have a valid visa to return.

Hello  sir !my work visa almost 30 days to be expired
But it in grace period what am I required to change a company? Legally
Thank you

Ask your employer not to renew and cancel the visa. If he declines the request. Go to LMRA Sitra and file an intention to transfer. Old employers will not be able to renew your visa.

Once the visa is cancelled or expired. Your new sponsor will be able to apply from their end. If you want to apply for Flexi visa call lmra after your visa expires and they will be able to help you

Okay thank you  ,,what are the documents  requirements  at lmra office  ? Thank you

There is a form you need to fill download on LMRA Website. Just google Intention to Transfer Form(LMRA-QFM-009-07-02)

Carry original form with CPR, Passport and Residence Copy. Cary your original CPR as well.

Hello can I ask a question.?
My visa will be expired this coming March 16 2022. So I tell my my employer to do not renew my visa because I will work in another company. I  tell him I will work until 16 in til my visa expired. So my visa now is already in grace period.
So my question is do I need to send a resignation letter? Because they told me give me a resignation letter.
2nd question my visa is expired in March 16, how many month or days the in grace period?

You have 30days from the date of cancellation of the visa as the grace period to change to new employer or exit the country. Your notice period depends on what is mentioned in your offer letter. Good luck.


@XTang sir  there is no cancelled stamp on passport, but work permit is cancelled while checking online can we go back to home country in grace period? Any problem in imigration without called zeal

@XTang sir there is no cancelled stamp on passport, but work permit is cancelled while checking online can we go back to home country in grace period? Any problem in imigration without called zeal
-@Jinson Kvl

There is no more cancellation stamp in the passport. As long as grace period is not over, anyone can exit or transfer to another sponsor.

@XTang what if emoyment visa is shown in grace period by visa is still valid for another 3 weeks? Can i travel to bahrain?

Not if visa has expired. Grace period applies to people

Greeting Sir I wish to ask how grace period does an expatriate have in Bahrain because my Visa hasn't yet expired though it's just one week to it expiring date. I'm confused will I have another grace period because I know that grace period is only after your visa is cancelled or expired.

30 days after expiry.

Hi they cancel my visa Feb. 2,2023 so grace period is over and I will leave Bahrain on March 14, do I still need to extend my visa? Thanks

You need to pay fines for overstay before leaving or extend the grace period.

Good evening sir my visa is on grace period

I have plan to go vacation.i can come back from vacation in grace period.

Not if visa has expired or been cancelled.  Grace period is for staying 30 days after that.  Once you leave, you cannot come back on that visa.

Hi sir how about my statud im in  philippines right now and my visa  ill check in lmra iits in grace period  supposed to be it will be expire on june 7 2023 ,can i come back in bahrain even its in grace period

@markgwen@30 You cant enter Bahrain in grace period.

Again, be clear.  There is a confusion.

If your visa has been cancelled; there is a grace period for you to leave and you are in Bahrain.  If you leave in this situation, you cannot come back.

If your visa is valid and the grace period you are referring to, is the lmra message that appears (to ask you to renew your visa - also called grace period), then, you can enter Bahrain.

I'm from Nigeria but currently living in Bahrain and my visa was just cancelled. Right now my United State tourist visa just came out. Can i travel to USA with my grace period?

I'm from Nigeria but currently living in Bahrain and my Bahrain residence permit visa was just cancelled. Right now my United States tourist visa just came out. Can i still travel to USA with my grace period?

You can, but get it confirmed by the airline you will travel with.

Hello, just I want to confirm one thing, my Visa was terminated, can I survey outside without work permit 30 Days grace period for finding new job. Thanks