Run away case

Hi sir I have the same case I worked with my company 2 years then my contract got finish then I worked extra 6 months because he didn't wanted to let me go, I later on made legal resignation letter and left the company in December 2021 then he cancelled my visa in January 2022 right now I don't have a visa but am working  waiting for my new company to apply me a visa but my formal boss is telling me he will put me on runaway if my new company  don't   apply me a visa. What can I do

If your visa has been cancelled, he cannot file a runaway case on you.  The most he can do is file an overstay after termination case.  This is basically telling LMRA that an employee has not left the country after termination and covers the employer in case you are caught illegally working somewhere else.  So my advice is NOT to work as if he files this, LMRA WILL come for an inspection at your new work place - your new employer will be fined and you will be deported.

Thank you so much I'll stop working until my employer applies me a visa

Hi sir I need some help,I from indonesia I have case runaway from 2018 now how I get my pasport and I don't have any contact for my sponsor,even I have only number for my pasport I go already LMR and go already embassy but no body can help sir,now qhat can i do sir

@XTang    I am still on probation period and I have to go back my country for some purpose. My question is , "Will I be able to go any restrictions at airport "  do they ask any letter from my company, Without informing my company . I have my passport and CPR with me

@Karuna babu

There are no restrictions. Please note that they can put a case as absconding which can hinder your return to Bahrain to work for another employer as well.

Hi sir good morning

I need help ,my former boss sacked me two months ago and cancelled my visa and yesterday he told me that he's going to put me runaway. Please what can I do

@Karuna babu hi brother, did you exist from the country successfully, we're you asked some questions at the airport?

@John fotsing I need your help this My Same Case

I'm stuck in Bahrain, My work visa is valid. I don't have passport I have white passport and I have runaway case in LMRA. Can I go India? Is there any problem in airport while travelling?

Please help me.

White passport as in a passport given to government officials? It's better you clear the fine and then exit the country