Runaway case

hi..Sir i need urgent help regarding my company make me runaway before one month ago because of overstay i have offer letter with me and also my new employer giving visa that any sulution and what i have to do

Nothing can be done until the runaway case is removed.   If the case is false, then you can approach LMRA with the evidences to get that removed.  After that your new employer can apply for a visa.

However, I would suggest that you get a lawyer.   

Read this thread for the issues and lawyer contacts:

I sir I have runway case emergency I can go back to my country. Can I travel return back to my country

The case has to be removed.

Hello I had a runaway case. And I went to LMRA to submit evidence that I did not runaway. After 3mos the LMRA called me that my case is okay. But after 3weeks the police probably immigration is searching for me from my old accommodation that was the address registered in my cpr. I was not staying there already. This made me confused and I do not want to go to police or immigration to inquire because they might catch me. Is it possible that because of the lockdown the immigration was not updated yet by LMRA? Because when LMRA told me my case is okay and I have to go to my new sponsor and let them go to immigration to settle something probably to pay fines.

My concern is that is there possibility I can get a new visa if a new sponsor will process? As of now I am still looking for new sponsor because last time it failed because of the pending runaway case was not yet lifted and sponsor cannot wait for too long as they needed staff immediately at that moment so I lost the chance.

Is there anyone here who had a runaway case before and have new working visa now.

Thank you so much for the answer.

Many people have had runaway cases removed and then moved to a new sponsor.  Check your status in LMRA portal - if it still shows absconding then the case hasn't been removed.  Don't rely on verbal assurance.

Thank you for the response XTang. Yes it was a call from LMRA last month 2days before the lockdown started that my case is okay and removed so I felt happy of course but in their system it still shows absence of work. Maybe this is why immigration was looking for me . Also I only had 1dose of vaccine the next dose is still next month. I cannot as well go to the LMRA office to inquire about the issue because it is clearly stricted that only those green shield are able to get in government offices. That is why I have emailed them. I am hoping for a reply within this week on their working hours. I am just worried because of the lockdown, days and weeks are counting that I am overstaying. Which also means I will pay fines if police or immigration will catch me of course. And I don't have any money to pay since I lost a job and looking for new job. But most of my interviews are pending because of the lockdown.

I feel relief as well on what you said that most cases that runaway status were removed have new company now. So this makes me have chance too. It is hard to go home back in my country empty handed as well covid situations are getting worst. I still prefer to stay a while get work and earn more. I hope my case will be truly lifted.

Thank you so much XTang. ???

See this is what I said. Until it's removed in the system, it is not removed.  So simply, there is still a case against you.  Why don't you try calling lmra?

Hello Xtang. Yes I got a call from them after I had followup the issue. They said not to worry as they were processing it to be removed. When the runaway case finally be lifted they will call me again to notify me. I am so thankful for hearing this good news.

Thank you as well XTang.

Good luck!

If my case show's I have hipatitis b and LMRA send me a message of visa termination and my employer does not want me to leave and it's more than a month now , will I be charged Incase I want to leave the airport for overstay

Sir I have been home for a month and two weeks my employer is making no way for me to work rather his threatening me , went to lmra and there have not said anything and am planning to run away from him , please what's the court fine of runaways in Bahrain and am ready to bear the cost . Right now I have no choice than to run from , just wish to ask if am caught by the police what's the runaway fine . The frustrating is making me go crazy and my family needs money, please tell me about the runaway charges

If marked as UNFIT, you HAVE to leave.  It is not a matter of employer choice.   They will have to send you back as their CR will be blocked until they do.

Hi please anyone could help me and advice me.

July 15, 2021 i submited an email to HR that i will not renew my contract and that email will be serve as one month notice.. and they accepted it.. august 15, 2021 was my last day of work and same day they cancel my visa..and i have grace period of one month until september 15, 2021 but my flight was supposed to be september 21, 2021. I am ready to pay my overstay, but when i go to airport on the day of my flight the immigration did not allow me to go because i have to pay my 7 days overstay, i tried to pay online but it's not possible so they ask me to better rebook my ticket. My ticket is no rebooking, so the travel agency just refund 60% of my money.. and i booked new flight this coming october 9, 2021.. i informed my previous employer regarding what happened why my flight cancelled and my next flight will be october 9, 2021. But they still filed runaway case in my name. I did not runaway. I have ticket and i do one month notice..

Please help me, what should i do to remove this runaway so i can go on my flight date.

Approach LMRA.

@XTang i have same runaway case and want to go home since i can't get a new sponsor nor a flexi visa. Already got a ticket what should i do can i just go directly to the airport or need to go lmra first

Approach LMRA, get detained and deported.  Or if the case was filed wrongly, get a lawyer, fight it, get it removed and then go to the airport.  Your call.

@etugenjoh visit the LMRA

@XTang sir, it's been 1 and half month since i resigned from my old company but so far i couldn't find a new employer to process new visa. And my old employer is threating me that if i don't transfer my visa to new employer within a week, then he will put me in runaway case. Can he do this????

He can file a case.  You can contest it of course but why bother with all this hassle.  Just tell him to cancel your visa.  You will then have 30 days (excluding any extension of grace period) to find a job.

@XTang my visa is already expired on 19 th april, 2022. But so far couldn't find suitable job anywhere. I m requesting him to give me this month time to find job to get new visa but he says he can't give time. He is saying he will put runaway case.

If your visa expired on 19th and no extensions, then you are here illegally.  You need to leave.  Otherwise you will have issues coming back to Bahrain again.
You can get 1 month extension provided you are able to find a new employer and within this 1 month your new employer should arrange visa for you.

If you are so keen to stay in Bahrain then you can go to Lmra to take a Flexi visa and stay here and find any job.

@amirchhetri30 get a sponsor as soon as possible

Good day. Just want to ask advice. I am almost 11months now, my visa will be finished on nov.11, but i resigned already. Cant stay longer enough cos of the owners were not so good to us. Most of my colleagues left already. I dont want to be hanging alone there. Maybe they will take or do something against my dignity. I passed my resignation last month of aug.24, so im expected to take my last day on sept24. Last month, i passed the letter thru post office, thru their email, and by giving to them personally. They were okay. But now, they dont want me to leave. Because for sure, after they let me leave, they will not have staff that time anymore. But i did all my part, do the notice period. They are telling me that i will suffer, and will be in trouble if i leave. They are telling me that they will file a runaway case for me also. Because now they are pleasing me to stay like until oct14 until they will have staffs and be able to train them 1to2 days. I have already an offer, if i will stay longer, the new cannot wait for me. I will lose it if i stay. And i want to leave my current because of all the wrong doings and false accusations the owners were giving us, especially to me.

I went to LMRA already, but they just keep on telling that i need to finish 1year. Yes, i know. But what is the purpose of sending resignation thru post office, and making a notice?

I hope someone can help for advice. Thank you.

Runaway visit Visa eNOCC

Asamlamwailakum, I had false run away case my employer made against me for the past weeks now and I still went to Lmra shela and Sitra to Inform them that I didn't run away and I have evidence that the employer stopped me from working after completing 11months and noticed I had intention mobility already...

Now I'm jobless because of this false run away allegations and Lmra is refusing to take my evidence and look into the matter...

Now what should I do ? I already have a new sponsor

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@ExpatBH21 please help me how to remove runway case

@XTang please help me 😰 how to remove runway case

Is the runaway case genuine or not?   if not genuine, approach LMRA with all necessary documentation.


same question?

Hi sir how long does it take to clear the runway case my application has been submitted for a week they say they will call me when the decision is made

No one can give a definate time

@XTang hi sir

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Good morning sir

I'm working here in Bahrain housemaid I want to change my sponsor but my employee not give me release paper they send me back next week I want your help sir they already booking my ticket my plan I go airport than me not go inside airport and airplane I go outside this situation now what I call runaway or not

I would suggest you go back, exit the country legally and then find a new job and come back. No one will give you visa without NoC from employer, you will be in lot of unnecessary trouble, it's not worth it.