Bahrain - Contacts for PROs, Lawyers etc

There is almost a constant flow of threads on this forum asking for contacts for PROs or lawyers.  I thought to create a thread where people can post their respective contacts.

However, please follow the rules and don't post individual contact details for these agencies.  Website links are ok.   

You can either send their numbers to me via PM and then I can share those back with the members as and when required.  Or you can share with the members directly.

Services which people usually ask for:

1) CPR - Updates and issuance
2) Visit visas - sponsored through companies and visas for parents (over-age)
3) Self sponsorship visas through property purchase or retirement
4) Saudi resident paper CPR
5) Company set up consultants
6) Legal issues - runaway, employer not paying dues etc

To start off, I can list some relatively cheap lawyers for point 6.


Citizens Advice (Facebook group - 24 hour contact) -

Khalid Khan (Facebook and website) -



Do share back with details of contacts.  The idea is to have everything in one thread vs. people posting in different threads which makes it hard to locate at times.

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