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can anyone encounter same my problem. lmra catch me working without visa and then last 2019 i make trial on court and got release they give me 1month extension. but then when we trying to submit my visa still same in the system Cpr under offense cant proceed. so i went to lmra to ask about this and they tell me to Exit by that it will be remove. So i did i exit bcoz my extension getting finish. so until now im here in the phils 2021. we trying to submit visa but still same cpr under offense. Now my question is how we can remove that offense in cpr?
or its okay if i used already my renew passport to apply visa and no need i put my cpr since its also expired lastyear 2020. i am 2yrs already here in the phils.
Really appreciate ur respond. thankyou

Sorry to have to tell you but you are now banned from working in Bahrain.  You were caught working without a visa.  Best case, it will be cleared after 3-5 years.

As a lawyer i must check ur resident status to make sure and then to give a solution

can i contact u in private so that i can show u all my documents.

even i got release from court and court give me 1 month extension.? and im cleared in police, immigration and cid.

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Hello sir so it's mean if c.i.d catch you have already blocklist automatically.just ask sir cuz c.i.d catch me ALso and now imiGration send me back here Philippines..how i check if im blocklisted in to Bahrain.

https://services.bahrain.bh/wps/portal/ … BIS9nQSEh/
Travel ban services


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@Cheryl After I arrived in Bahrain Lmrah arrested me at a store and fined me 1000dinner in the store. .And I have been fined 100dinner After about 1.5 years, I applied for a house visa. After applying, I was taken away by phone from the police station. They said I have a fine of 100 days. Then I paid my fine...

The police are telling me that they are appealing to the court. Then I went to the court. The judge saw my passport and gave it to me after a while..

Later when I canceled my house visa and went to shop, lmrah says I have blacklist. Later when I go to sittra lmrah inspection they tell me to bring the paper from the court then they will give me visa. I was talking to a lawyer and he took my power ortini and then he didn't work anymore. Hi says she won't do it to get someone else to do it.

The court gave a verdict in this case for 3 years but my house visa was at the time of the verdict. Now my sentence is over 3 years but I am still staying in Bahrain. I am trying to apply visa. What should I do now, please help me

You are illegal i.e. without a visa.  On top, there is an issue of a blacklist due to previous offence.  What you need is a really good lawyer.  There is no chance to get a visa otherwise.

@Lawyer.zahraa.alwatani hi medam good morning i have also same problem medam please help me to clear the offence medam

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My brother also have same case. Now he is in al Naim Police Station. He paid offense at lmra but still not update in lmra how can I send update request?.


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I joined a company on 6th May. They told me to start working as the employee and side by side they would apply for my visa and on 15th may LMRA officials visited the office and asked for my CPR. They found out that my visa is not valid  registered a case under my CPR and asked me to attend the hearing on 25th May. After that I stayed home waiting for the issue to be resolved. On 24th may, I received a message from the PRO of the company saying that the fine  of 1000BD has been paid and there is no need to attend the hearing. They told me once the offence is cleared they will apply for my visa.... I have been checking with him constantly for an update regarding the visa and No response from him... It's been 2 weeks now and nothing from his side...all he says is that it has to go through  CID and once they have cleared it they will be able to apply for the visa...and now due to this there is an offence under my CPR.... I have asked him if I need to pay anything extra and he said No....

I need to know if I need to pay extra fine for this?

Is there anything like this that has to go through CID to clear the offence?

How can I clear the offence from my side?

The 1000BD fine is for the employer or for the employee as well??

Do you know what all is included in the 1000BD fine?

These posts keep coming up and I keep answering. But people still don't listen.

Understand something: You must NOT work without a visa FOR anyone. No matter what the employer says. And obviously, don't work for anyone who hasn't provided you with a visa.

Right now, the fine is on the employer as per LMRA article 36 (a). However, there is also an offence registered on your CPR. Now, it may happen that it gets removed after the fine from employer but also, it could happen that they take it to court as YOU also broke the law. Specifically article 23 (a) i.e. The foreign worker is prohibited from engaging in any occupation in the Kingdom without issuing a work permit for him according to the provisions of this Law.

If they take it to court, the penalties in article 36 (b) apply to you. These are:

b. Any foreign person who violates the provisions of paragraph (a) of Article (23) of this Law shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dinars. The court may order, in case of conviction, to expel the said foreign person from the Kingdom without allowing him to return permanently or for a temporary period of not less than three years.

So worst case, you are looking at 100 BD fine, deportation and ban for at least 3 years (in reality, even when the ban is lifted, NPRA continues to deny visas).  There is absolutely nothing you can do to clear the offence from your side.  Just wait and pray.  If it comes to court then get a lawyer and don't trust your employer's word.

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Good day Madam , I trust you are doing very well.

I would love to get your assistance on the case I have at the LMRA.

Kindly inform me of the possibility of having a in person meeting with.

I anticipate a response at your earliest convenience.


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@Lawyer.zahraa.alwatani Hi there!
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Hello mam could you please help me with my situation, i was deported because of medical issue

If you were deported because you were UNFIT in the medical and you really had a condition, then NO ONE can help.

@XTang my medical result was hepa b positive, thats why i got deported, then my wife goes there and now working there, she is negative of hepa b, can i appeal on my case?

There is no case here, you can try to apply for a visa again if it gets approved then your good.

@XTang my medical result was hepa b positive, thats why i got deported, then my wife goes there and now working there, she is negative of hepa b, can i appeal on my case?

Post deportation, no chance. Unless you know very senior people who can get you an exception.

@Lawyer.zahraa.alwatani madam same problem I need help please