Does anyone have experience with such status "AWAIT_EVISA" on LMRA in process of a new visa?
It has been the same for about 10 days including the eid period. I am not sure if I have to process any further procedure or detail in passport office.

thank you

Await evisa is what shows on the employer login in EMS. Read the sticky on the forum on the visa process and your questions will be answered.

Thanks Xtang.

I read the thread but nothing is related to this status. My visa is investor type and LMRA status says AWAIT-EVISA that is all.
Do I need to do anything or anything is pending from my side?

thanks again

btw I have canceled by employment visa of a different employer and applied for investor visa at my company.

I posted wrong thread - just noticed. I have explained this on the thread on how to set up a company. Await evisa status is only shown in the employer login, not on lmra site.

It can correspond to different stages ie it shows await evisa when in process by GDNPR or also when the visa has been approved but not released for payment. Check on for the stage that is shown there.

Hi Xtang,

On express service of LMRA is shows "Investor visa is in Progress" and mentioned my new company name as sponsor; even it shows a visa number on my expat portal but there is no issue date yet.
However it has been over 2 weeks now and I am afraid if I am missing any more process to complete. I canceled all my travel plans for this purpose.

Check it with application no and it will show you stage its at. My guess is GDNPR.