How to know if i am blacklisted in bahrain

Hi,i have a case in bahrain before year 2017,but i dont know whats the case my sponsor filed for me,back then,the case was already dissmissed and the police said i am already cleared,then they release me,but after a day the police summon me again saying that my sponsor cancelled the sponsorship,so i go to the court,prosecutor expaining that the sponsor cancelled my visa and prosecutor ask me if i want to find another sponsor but i will stay in jail while looking for new sponsor or i will go home,so i decided to choose to going home because i dont know how to find a sponsor if i am in jail,and now almost 3years past and i decided to comeback to bahrain,my question is,can i comeback in bahrain without any problem?because when we check to immigration it appears that i have police blacklist,can someone tell me whats the meaning of that?thank you

Means that you had a criminal case against you.  If that is the situation then you are blacklisted and can't come to Bahrain.

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i really need an advice because i really want to go back in bahrain,i was there last 2011-2015 but i found out that my friend she stop paying the phone and wifi she ask me to get an installment for her using my CPR because her position in her job cant get that installment in viva,my question is if that possible i have a debt in that ViVa company because my friend using my cpr to get her that? can i still travel to bahrain or no? thank you for the advice in advance..thank you and God bless..
Did she continue paying or not?   debt is not an issue - not paying for it is an issue as then, a case gets filed.  Check on that first and don't get products or services for other people using your CPR in the future.
she never pay it anymore when i come to my country thats my problem now,is that possible i cant travel again to bahrain? thank you for your answer..
Enter yes, leave no...........if travel ban has been applied.

@XTang hello sir i been deported also last 2019 but just recently i go bahrain last june 22 with working visa and my passport is with my married name they not let me to go thwy send me back philippines when i am ask they they told me still blocklist in the system police officer told me that my sponsor need to go immigrtion to submit leetwr to removed  my name is that possible thnknyou have a nice day

Depends on what you were deported for.   In a lot of cases, you are pretty much banned.

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This is to kind inform you that i m blacklist from Bahrain since 2010. But the court have not blacklisted me. Only from immigration. There was a fraud case on my name and i finished my 1 year sentence in bahrain prison. After i was free to work in Bahrain but i told to police that i want to go to Pakistan. They send me Pakistan and blacklisted me.

Sir how can i finish this blacklist now its almost 5 years

Plz help.

Read the replies above. It can be a permanent ban.

Bro lemme use Dubai as a case study cos have lived there b4, when you have a case like this and the immigration snaps you with digital camera while leaving it means ban but if you leave without any immigration issue , can always reapply to come back

Bro lemme use Dubai as a case study cos have lived there b4, when you have a case like this and the immigration snaps you with digital camera while leaving it means ban but if you leave without any immigration issue , can always reapply to come back

- @ikechukwuakobundu87
Don't compare UAE with Bahrain.  It is a different country. 

UAE enforce ban with eye scan (it is NOT a photo as you think).  Bahrain doesn't use eye scans and the bans are on the basis of identity as well as fingerprints (taken at the time of entry into the country for enrollment).

So your advice is incorrect for Bahrain.
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Hi.. I worked in Bahrain from 2012 to 2016. I left Bahrain after a dispute with my employer, however without cancelling my visa. The company filed a complaint against me and the court ruled against me for 1 year with deportation. While i was on Oman from 2016 to 2021 inter pole (GCC interconnected system) caught me a transferred me to Bahrain. I stayed in jail for 8 months plus one month in Oman. While my appeal was still not decided the authorities released me around 2 months earlier with deportation.

I traveled back to my country while after a month the court decided the appeal in my favor and i won the case. After a couple of months now when i tried to apply for Saudi visa, it was returned saying that i have been blacklisted in GCC. Which means when they deported me they blacklisted me from whole GCC. Now when i have won the case can i remove this ban and if yes what is the process ?

There is no specific process and these blacklists are very difficult to get out of.  You can engage a lawyer and have him follow up with immigration in the respective country to try to get a visa.  But it will incur a lot of cost and the outcome isn't certain.

And this is exactly why I always tell people to resolve disputes with their employer prior to leaving.

@XTang hi how are you I want to check I'm black list in Bahrain for what and how many days thay block me … BIS9nQSEh/ you can check here, these are mainly travel ban rated. You can also be blacklisted for various reasons but it may not show up here, one way to find out is to apply a visa and check. If the visa gets rejected your potential employer can find out the reason.

Black list is usually permanent.


The above is for court ordered issues.  Immigration black list is separate.  You will know if your visa keeps getting rejected.  And time depends on reason - in most cases, it is permanent.

What is documents this ,additional copy of residency

@XTang  what is this document name Bahrain

             Additional copy of residency ( apply for good conduct certificate of Bahrain)

Copy of residence visa on passport or digital residence permit.

@XTang  how much time

@Imran Khan31 how much time for? Your question is not xle

@XTang if visa is approved does it mean that you are not blocklisted?

Practically yes BUT, if you have changed passport or name or did anything similar to get that visa (bypassing previous record on blacklist)............on entry, after fingerprints, you will be denied entry.

I have blacklist in Bahrain 2019 so now I live in Georgia I have plans to Bahrain next month but not sure I can get in or not but I worry they will send me back to my country (Asia) or I can come back to Geogia I buy tickets round trip I have id card Geogia

In most cases blacklist is permanent ban, you can try applying for a visa and find out. Better to use evisa option.

@XTang tell me ali name people not allow to come in bahrian full name ali shavez guide me

No one can really tell, please try to apply for the visa and check.