Name Issue

Assalam o Alaikum

My name Feroz
s/of Ghulam Haider
is there any reason due to word Haider with my father last name. Which became my surname in passport.
i listened ali hassan Hussain haider are banned to enter bahrain and it can be issued in immigeration checks
is that true?

No it is not as simple as that.   Immigration check is not just names.

Dear my brother,

So what is the reason behind the visa is rejected.
My passport is fresh. This is first time that am very close to get work visa.
but in the end. Status appearing expired employment visa.

Is there any other way to get work visa be approved?

I really appreciated your respond.


As I said, it is not possible to find out the exact reasons without knowing people inside immigration.  You can ask your sponsor to approach immigration to see if there is a way to get this fixed.  Other then that, there is nothing much that you can do.


My name is Saud Hassan and my father name is Hassan Ali

Is there any restrictions for my name in bahrain to get visa?

You will need to apply and check.

I have applied through my aunt she lives in Bahrain

She told me that my visa was rejected due to this certain reason

I just want to ask you is it true or not?

How can anyone know whether this is true or not?   

They don't just reject on the basis of name.  There are other factors behind this.  They won't tell you the reasons.

@XTang hello sir my name is Muhammad Awais and my father's name is khadim Hussain I just applied my visa from 43 days for Bahrain and my brother said immigration department said there is name issue of Hussain can explain about it what is solution...??

If immigration officala have given a reason then unfortunately you cannot do anything much about it.

@logicalindian sir can we do anything about that

Nothing.  Except apply again.

@logicalindian hello sir!

Sir last 16 aug I just applied one way 2 weeks visit visa for Bahrain but now I check they wrote one visa your application cannot be completed at this time please contact npra for further information

Can I know there is any solution about this problems

Apply again or find someone to sponsor a visa for you.

@XTang Hello sir, we just applied again sponsor visa but they are showing same problem cannot approved

Well then Bahrain doesn't want you to visit.  Keep trying if you really want it but mentally be ready to give up your plans.