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pls sir a have a friend  who is in bahrain 9month he came. Through visit visa but the can change his visa because he is underage what can he do. To have visa can he live here in bahrain untill he turn 18 yrs old pls reply me

Are you black listed for crimson case or overstay pls

Visit NPRA, pay the fine and exit the country. There are chances he could be jailed and then deported

Yes provided he stays here legally.  If he is overstaying on visa expiry then he may not ever get another visa for Bahrain again.

@XTang sir my husband is being deported next month will pending loan or phonebills create issues whiledeporting willhe be brought back in and again punished or will he be deported no matter what.His judgement is under criminal case and for now there are no travel bans under his cpr

This is deportation for a criminal order.   This will go through regardless of loans or bills.   He will not be brought back and in fact, he will never be able to enter Bahrain again, in all probability.

@XTang I want to know about my black list

@XTang I want to my black list check

Send someone to immigration with your details to check.

Hi Sir I have case run away in Bahrain and I surrender in our Philippine embassy and the police station also and I deport now I'm here Philippine if I'm blacklist or not how I know thanks

You were deported so in all likelihood, you will not get a visa to Bahrain again.

@Danish younas how I will cme back to bahrain because travel documents sir.plz rpply to sir

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@XTang how may I know I'm still on blacklist?

Ask someone to visit immigration with the details.


hi, my question is, suppose there is a case filed against a person for unpaid bank loans and there is already an execution in court because of failure to appear in hearings. by the way, the debtor is already in the Philippines bec the employer cancelled the visa on her annual leave. its been almost a year since then, is it possible to clear the case by paying the whole amount of borrowed money? will it show in the police clearance if that person wants to obtain a police clearance or good conduct certificate? pls enlighten. thank you

If the course clears the case then yes, they can proceed to get the certificate. But it may take the while, better to engage a lawyer and seek advise.


@Danish younas Aslam-o-alikum I am almost visit two times trivial to Bahrain this is my CPR no *** please check can I trivial again to Bahrain?

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Thanks for your response back

*** text me whtsapp same more help me thank for your help I m waiting for your response back

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hi I'm Noreen from Pakistan

m blacklist in bharin I want remove

Its mostly permanent, ask someone to visit npra with your passport and find out or you can hire a lawyer.



but how I send u pasport

Passport copy.

@XTang are this applying right now in all Arab/ Gulf countries? How can we possible to clear out our name from list. Since our job is to travel from other countries and yet companies are using it for us not to be hired again. So atleast we should know. Thanks

Depends on the reason for the blacklist. If labor or overstay related issues, then problem is only in the country that it happened in. If criminal, then potentially all gcc countries.

Hi how do I know that my visa is blocked

Maybe you give me the link

No link.  Check directly with immigration.

Hi XTang.

This is Saud Hassan and my father name is Hassan Ali

Is there any restrictions of this name in Bahrain

Please reply

I answered here: … 79#5722537

@XTang which site i can check if im vlacklist or no?? thank you

No site. for court ordered bans.  For blacklist, send someone to immigration to check with your details.

Hi, I'm expat before in Bahrain, and I ran away fly back to Philippines without knowing my boss. I'm here now in Philippines for almost 10months old already. I really wanted to check only if I'm blacklisted or what is my status back there? I'm trying to re use the portal yet, it's shows that my personal number (cpr) is not exist. What does it means?

Hi guys, good day and how are you all?

Im Corleen I work as a fashion Designer before in Bahrain, due of many circumstances and difficulties working for almost 6yrs in my company. I made my decision to book my flight and Run away to them. I did successfully my plan to run away and I'm now in the Philippines for almost 10months. Now, my questioned is there's a chances to know if I'm blacklisted or not? If there's a chances to know it can you please let me know how? I'm thinking if I'm black listed the other gcc country will know it and do I black listed too? Thank you so much all.

It depends if your employer has listed you as run away most probably there will be a permanent ban. You can ask someone to visit NPRA with your passport copy to find out about the blacklist status.

Hi... i got deported from Bahrain with a GCC blacklist. Reason being GCC is because they transfered me through interpol from Oman to Bahrain. However after deportation I have won the appeal in the court.

Now I am looking to remove the blacklist from my name atleast the GCC blacklist. Can anyone advise a proper way ? My lawyer is not getting the correct route to get this cleared.

There is NO standard route. It will be a LONG and painful process.


Yes indeed it is... I have been trying since January this year. Immigration department is not understanding the issue. I have the right to get my blacklist cleared because court has cleared me of all charges. I am ready to pay for anyone who can get it clear.