Bahrain work visa - Process, timelines and FAQ

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My employer has applied for Work visa and in LMRA website it  shows emoliyment visa in progress and monthly fees paid .

It has been applied 1 day ago.

Can you please give me an rough idea  how long wil it take for final process .

I guess my papers are still with LMRA.

Please go back to page 1 and read the first post, you'll have your answer there


yup. read it.. minimum 1 to 4 weeks time is what written there.

if the payment is already made than issuing of the visa is pending is it?
NPRA and LMRA checks are over?

kind of anxious as the company applied literally after 8 days of sending all the documents and stuff.

Ramadan is about to start in another 6 days, and most of the work environment will be HALF DAY. so worried if the visa will get delayed.

I think you need to read the post on the first page as mentioned by logicalindian, VERY carefully.

If you read it, then you will understand that:

1) The visa has NOT been issued which means it has NOT been paid for (the payment is made ONLY on issuance).  If that was the case, the message and status would be different
2) Monthly fees is something totally different from visa fees.  These are monthly fees for the company CR.  Simply, the company has paid the monthly fees for all the visas which have been issued on it's CR in the past but NOT the visa fee for your visa as that is not due yet
3) I have no way of knowing if it has cleared LMRA and CIO yet as you didn't put the details screenshot. If it says AWAIT GDNPR then it means it has cleared LMRA/CIO and is with immigration.  But since it's been 1 day, I don't think it has gotten to that stage

So what you are looking at is the same 1-4 weeks for visa issuance and payment.  And yes, Ramadan does come with delays.

Hi friends,
I m in Bahrain and on grace period of one month. My employment visa is in status of "awaits GDNPR" for the last 3 weeks. I know it may take time but do I have to renew my Grace period which is going to expire in few days?.  Some People told me that since my visa is already submitted and in process, I don't need to renew my grace period until a decision from GDPN is made. Is this true?

Yes as far as I know.  And they won't renew grace period anyway while a visa is in process.  To put your mind at ease, I suggest to ask LMRA about grace period extension.

Thanks a lot

So what should we do ? Can any one advise me

They rejected my Visa may be because of my name. Anyone can advise me that what should we do?

If it was rejected by Security/CID, there is absolutely NOTHING you as an applicant can do. Your sponsor needs to approach immigration directly to find out what happened and how to handle their concerns.  This happened in my case when I had 6-7 rejections initially - but be aware that this required very high level of contacts in many departments to be able to find out what was the issue and how to address it.  If you or your sponsor doesn't have those then I am afraid that you are out of luck.


one small doubt,

will the STATUS information changes when it clears LMRA and moved to NPRA.
The employer is not giving any updates at all on visa status, people tend to get irritated too with constant emails and all so I am keeping mum.

I have posted an image of what it is showing in LMRA express tracking tool.

Personnel in higher position informed me what exactly is happening at my employer company and all I get info is 4 Visas were applied including me and 2 persons got the visa today (13th) and rest we will get in 2 or 3 days.

Is it so ? because on the website it's showing nothing. So I am kind of stressed.


Please read the thread.  It takes anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks after application.  No point in getting stressed after a few days only.  It will show NOTHING on the website until the visa is approved and even your employer will not know anything until the status changes.  So be patient and wait.

And also the screen shot doesn't tell us anything - as mentioned before, it only shows in progress, not where the application is at.   So the pictures just clutter up the thread and don't serve any purpose.

Also to add; if you check on LMRA website BY APPLICATION ID, it will show you where the application is at i.e. LMRA or GDNPR.  Checking by another reference i.e. passport etc will show you the same screen that you keep on pasting.  Also, it will continue to show employment visa in progress until it is approved & paid or rejected - then the status will change accordingly.

thanks for the reply.
I have no application number with me to check.its with the employer.

i will just wait :)

I have received a visa which had a spelling mistake on my surname. I brought that to their notice and the employer has given it to the immigration for correction. How long does it usually take for correction. I think they have submitted it one week back

Varies depending on how strong your PRO is.  I have had it done within a day and also seen it take a few weeks.


Now it shows VALID EMPLOYMENT VISA on LMRA website,

so is the visa is ready to be issued or the visa process has cleared all the levels?

It's done. All stages.

Oh.. Ok.

Thanks for the fast prompt reply.
Maybe my employer will send the documents tomorrow.

Thank you for such detailed Information

Mukul Soni


    In the security check step, any idea what immigration does exactly ?
For instance, do they directly contact local authorities ?

   What if a clear criminial record attested by ministry of foreign affairs and a Bahraini consulate is provided to the employer prior to the application. Would that help ? or the security check is not only a criminal check? 
  Probably the employer won't be able to upload such clearance any way ( because it is not among the precisely predetermined requirements).

No one knows.  As they don't tell anyone what they do.

But practically speaking, the process should be relatively same as followed worldwide by immigration departments because all they are deciding is whether to allow you into the country or not based on your risk profile and history.

So stuff like check name & passport to see if anything is flagged in their, gcc or global security databases, criminal records if accessible, past history in Bahrain including any over stays, false identity checks, employer offences etc.  I doubt they contact authorities in your home country because in case of any doubt, they will just reject the visa :)   this is a security check and NOT a security clearance for sensitive jobs (in which case, the local authorities will be contacted).

The additional documents can be uploaded as there are fields in the application which can be used.  But I don't think they would make much of a difference as it is only part of the check and might even arouse suspicion as to why this is being provided without being asked for.

Thanks a lot Xtang. Helpful and generous as ever.

I need to know how much money would be spent by a company on all formalities for a completed visa application, in case I may need to repay them.

Also I understand from the thread that the process for issuance of emplacement visa could take a month or more, which has exactly been the situation in my case.
My query is whether having somebody in Bahrain could help me in anyway, in expediting the process or at the very least get any information on the timeline for its completion. Appreciate your guidance

logicalindian :

Thanks for the prompt response. But it isn't clear how much would my visa application cost since all the costs mentioned won't apply in my case. I would appreciate if you could give a rough ballpark of all inclusive costs for a fresh employment visa for an Indian passport holder (Health care status B, occupation - Supervisor)

Thanks for the prompt response. But it isn't clear how much would my visa application cost since all the costs mentioned won't apply in my case. I would appreciate if you could give a rough ballpark of all inclusive costs for a fresh employment visa for an Indian passport holder (Health care status B, occupation - Supervisor)

Look, the costs are given in this and the other thread that I did i.e. company set up.  You need to be able to browse and search this forum.

But it is basically 344 BD for a 2 year visa incl. healthcare charge, 5 BD for one time application fee through EMS system and then 5 BD per month every month once the visa is issued as a monthly fee.  As per the labor law, you do NOT have to reimburse the employer for any of these costs.

Don't understand what you mean by someone in Bahrain being able to help?  your employer has applied for your visa and they need to follow up to get it expedited.

Hello, my visa was cancelled already Dec.21,2018 from my previous employer. This is my 2nd month for grace period staying. My new employer already had applied for my last week. Maybe Feb.14, or after weekend Feb.17. He said it normally take 10days process.
Last month the monthly fees was unpaid. Now I check, it is paid already. I am not sure if the new employer paid it. But the status is the same since last December. It still says employment visa is not valid. It is not showing it is processed. What does that mean.

It means exactly that.  Visa is not valid.  Sounds like it was cancelled or rejected.  Check with your employer.

I called LMRA today. They said no visa process is applied. 😔 Maybe my new employer is still busy. He said it is normally 10days process. He already asked for the copy of my cpr and passport. Was also ready to give an offer letter but I told him my visa was cancelled already. He said he will check. It's been a week when I sent him my passport copy and cpr.

Yep.  As I said, that status appears when visa is either cancelled or rejected.  So it seems that your employer never applied after cancellation.  You need to follow up with him.

I am hesitant to ask since he already said he will process it. But that is my only option, asking him or either wait. Thank you so much sir.🙏🙏🙏

Hello helping hand how r u doing,
Just a quick question please.
One of my friend currently working in SAUDI ARABIA has received an offer letter from one of Bahrain based employer. Now he need to respond to the offer.
So the concern here is as follows.
1.what should be the minimum check before accepting the offer.
2.Does offer letter should have company representatives sign and stamp, LMRA stamp etc. Or the simply drafted offer on company letter pad will be enough for official acceptance..?
2.Does the employee name in offer letter need to be exactly same as pasport name. Or the minor spelling mistakes can be ignored.
3.what is the procedure after the employee has accepted the offer letter through an email.

4.what would be the employer next steps after receiving offer acceptance from New employee..? it wise to put resignation letter to current company right after accepting the offer of new company. Or wait for the visa from New company and then file the exit.? long does it generally take to initiate the new visa for employment in Bahrain.

7.what all the necessary documents we are expected to submit to employers for visa process after accepting the offer.

8.Do we need to provide documents such as engineering degree certificate stmaped y ministry/ Chamber to processes the visa. Or is it possible to provide the visa without attestation of degree..? it necessary to provide medical reports to process new visa. If so how can one working in saudi Arabia can provide the GAMCA medical repot  for Bahrain new visa.

Appreciate response to all question.

Don't create duplicate posts.

1) Salary, benefits, nature of duties etc.  All common sense really

2) Have a look at this.  LMRA suggests a template.  Should be on company letterhead … 082327.doc

3,4, 6 & 7) Read this thread that you posted on properly vs. asking questions that have already been answered.  I have listed the steps that will be followed for the visa, times taken, documents needed etc

5) Wait for the visa

8) Depends on profession on visa.  For white collar professions, degree is needed and it has to be attested

9) Any authorised medical centre in Saudi can be used for the reports.  Ideally a large government hospital

Thanks you so very much for prompt response. Really appreciated.


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