how can immigrate to Canada by 5.5 point of General ielts exam?

i want to find the way to immigrate to Canada as soon as possible

Hello Arya,

I am from Iran and I am living in Vancouver , Canada more than 2o years, I wonder where are you from and why you are coming to Canada,

If you be able to tell me the reason I might be able to help you better,  what is your dream?

Are you coming for just living? are you coming for continuing education? 



Since u r living in Canada for so long.. can u give me suggestions Plzzzz

As I'm planning to move to Canada for the betterment of my kids as they will be next year turn 10, 8, 5 1yrs
I have 12 years of experience in teaching for Elementary level as an English, Math and Science Teacher.. but I don't have a university degree but now I'm planning to study in university.. so is there any way that my kids also can carry on their education in Canada? Will the government help me with their schooling??
In which area I should apply for university? Will I be able to get a job with college degree??
As my husband Will be living in Saudi Arabia to take care of our daily expenses and support us!
So what's the procedure in my situation as I will be living alone with my 4 kids.. if possible in Canada..
Any Suggestions??

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