iam an indian living in saudi arabia, planned to married the Moroccan women.

I have gone through the procedure of documentation required for marriage..looks like following papers should be needed.

1. Birth certificate attested by MOFA india.
2.CENOMAR  (certificate of no marriage record) by MOFA india, actually Indian government doesnt have this facility to obtain, we can arrange the bachelor hood statement on bond paper with Affidavit stamp along with MOFA.
3.PCC certificate, it can be obtained easliy by applying  on Passport seva kendra site with an appointment to office location.
4. Introduction letter from a company stating that you have following position in the country with the MOFA ( iam not sure about it )

My query is, i have already obtained PCC from india. do i need to get PCC certificate also from saudi arabia police.

any suggestion from the folks who are married to Moroccan women and live outside india.

Congrats in advance,
I am not expert of this subject but wondering if she is also resident of Saudi Arabia. If yes, will it make a difference if you register your marriage here in court and then register in India?

I don't know really about the procedure of marriage... But I think yes.. As we will be expatriates  and have easy access embassies to register the marriage. Then she needs to apply for Indian visa.

Then you need to go to local court here and register for marriage, once your have marriage certificate attest it from foreign affairs and then translate+attest it from your local embassy. I think after that visa process will be easier. I hope someone who already been through this process can help you.

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