What are your MVV experiences?

Halo everyone ,
Was an Au pair for a year in the Netherlands . May 20th my Dutch BF  sent all the required documents for the change of Visa into Partnership. On 4th of June , the day before my Au Pair visa expired got a visa sticker for 3 months from the IND. 2 weeks after sending the Application via post my BF received a notification of application and the following few days got a letter on how to pay. Last Friday , 5th of July got our approval letter and asking me to make an appointment to IND for the I.D . It took 45days for the entire processing.


Congratulations everyone for the mvv !!

I just got my approval today !! It took 7 weeks :)

I am so happy and good luck for everyone is still waiting.


Hi all,

Quick question, how does the approval from IND looks like. Is it via physical mail in your post address (or your partner's in Holland) or just simply via email to both.

Will both partner and yourself be notified for the approval or just yourself?


Your partner will receive it by post mail

Hi tinkerbelz,

The IND will send a notification regarding your application to your partner  via post and digitally by his Mijnoverheid.

A correction to my first post regarding my application last year, all documents must be legalized before submitting to the IND. We have asked them multiple times regarding if we need to legalize and authenticate certain documents like birth certificate and CENOMAR, the IND kept on saying NO to us that there is NO NEED for it. They gave us the wrong information everytime we called them, and at the last minute after three months, they told us that they needed it legalized before making a decision.They gave us two weeks maximum to submit the papers.  So we flew to the PH immediately to legalize the papers, scanned and sent to the person handling our application. Two hours after, we got the approval.

So yes, all documents needs to be authenticated and legalized.

Hi there,

I am more asking about the approval part, is it by post to both of us or only one person?

I have posted an answer to your question also. Above the post I made for everyone else. :)

A letter by post to your partner and also to his mijnoverheid.

Hey all, I'm just wondering, so my husband posted the application last Wednesday (18/7) and I know I'm supposed to for max 10 working days according to the website information before the IND will send a post to my husband about the acknowledgement and how to pay etc etc.

I counted, so today is sort of like the day 7 (working days) since the submission, is it normal that we didn't receive anything yet? can anyone share their experience on this?

Hi all, my partner just applied MVV online for me. We got the confirmation receipt on 14 july.
Now, I'm just waiting the decision (till 12 oct) patiently with my finger crossed. And hope that everything is gonna be fine.

Is there any member here did the online application too?

My husband applied mvv online and got an approval after 3 weeks from den haag team 9.   

Woah so fast. But i'm actually abit confused, because in the email confirmation it said that we will get to know for about 10 days. And after 10 days we dont get any other email, instead we got an official letter confirmation receipt only. And also it doesnt state which team is handling our case. Should we write an email to ind? We just wanna make sure that our document is all complete and not missing anything. Or just wait till the 12 oct like the official letter said? But actually, the official letter is automatic one.

My husband received a post letter within 10 working days and it says they are looking the application and wait till August 26 ( 90 days) for the decision but on June 11 another post letter  for the approval. .(we applied May 22 & June 11 approved) only then he learned which team handled his application.

Different application for different case. Some quick some slow.  ;)

Ooo i see. So basically we just need to wait for the decision till we got another letter. Hopefuly it will come faster 🙏🙏

Thank you   :)

Hello everyone

I wish you all goodluck with mvv visa.

I have few questions...
Iam from turkey and iam married with a ducth lady and she have everything what they need for mvv and she applied 14 days ago and they send us a post that our application has received but deadline is 22 october wich is 90days is there anyone get soon results or still waiting for long time?
We have applied from rotterdam team.
Is there anyone who get rejected and why ?
After application approved what i have to do can anyone just share how it was .
Thanks good luck.

I am in the same situation... my passport is now 6 days after finger print and dropping off at the embassy... any update ?

Hi schat29,

May i know, which form did they ask you to submit on march 12?


Hello everyone :) ,

we applied for mvv on 15 of july, it is almost 7 weeks uptil now and we did not hear anything from the IND yet.
I know the deicision can take up to 90 days, but I noticed from the previous comments that decision usually comes within 5-7 weeks like as average.
Does any oone have similar experince ! or went through these moments before ! really waiting is really hard :(


Don't worry I am in the same boat, I applied for MVV on 25th June at the Embassy in New Delhi, India. I received the document and payment confirmation from the IND on 16th July, No replies after that, I will have to wait for another 3 remaining weeks.

Happy waiting :)

Ohhhh, so do u know which team is handling your application ! coz i heared sometimes like ones in Den Haage is a bit faster!

and also another question please, do u think calling them would help ?

thanks :)

No, They did not mention the team that was handling my case, just said it will take 3 months from the date you submitted the application. But the reply was from an officer from IND 's-Hertogenbosch, so I guess they might be handling the case.

Don't think calling would help, since they mentioned on the site calling won't help as they don't give any details about status od the application.

I know its such a pain already been 2 months of waiting!

ya, you are totally right, thank so much for replay and I hope we hear good news soon :))

This is the 9th page, please read all of the other posts and you will get answers to your questions.

Took us 14 weeks to get it. It depends :) GoodLuck

I got my confirmation payment on 14 july, it said i need to wait till 12 oct.

On 22 aug, IND said they need some additional document, i sent it immediately and finally got positive answer the day after that 🤗

Then, i booked appointment, dropped my passport and took fingerprint scan on 24 aug in the embassy.

Though it said i have to wait more or less 2 weeks, i got my passport back on 28 aug with sticker (of course) 😆

Note: Everyone could get different result, it depends on the situation. I share my experience because i know waiting is hard especially 'waiting in the cloud' for 90 days. I just wish everyone could get the answer soon and keep on the positive thoughts😇😇

Hi Utsav, :) did u receive any response from IND ?

Nope, Nothing as of now.

Iam waithing since 22 july

Hi everyone. My boyfriend submitted my MVV application online on 19 July and payment was made at the same time.
He received a letter with the confirmation on 1st August. And the deadline to the answer is 17 October.
After this he received an e-mail asking for more document (only my antecedentenverklarig) and he sent in the same day. Den Haag team 4!
But until now we have no answer about the application. Today we are waiting for long 64 days.
This is the worse part of this.
Hope the letter arrive soon.

He received a email asking for the document on 22 August.

Sharing my xp:
My partner sent the application by post on 11/08.
The confirmation from IND arrived on 24/08 with the fees to be paid. My partner paid it on the same day.
On 29/08 we received a confirmation of the payment.

From reading other people cases, I expected that the letter would show the limit date that IND would provide an answer. As advised on the FAQ of the website, we waited 10 days to give them a call.
On 10/09 my partner called the IND and the lady informed him that the deadline was November 14th, and if there would be any issue, he would be contacted by the IND.

A couple more weeks of waiting and today (22/09) we received the positive letter.  ;)

Hello, congrats to everyone on their positive decisions from the ind... Still waiting for mine. Applied 2nd of July, everything was going smooth, we were asked to give some additional information along the way. Decision deadline was 3rd October. Few days ago we received a letter from ind saying they need additional three months for the decision and it will be made by the minister(of Justice and Security i guess) (!!???) Now the decision date is prolonged to January next year. Have anyone heard of such a case before???


Can you tell us what the information they asked to you?


Yes, they asked for payslipsfor the past three months and intentieverklarig from the employer. thats was all good.

Sosukhe wrote:

Yes, they asked for payslipsfor the past three months and intentieverklarig from the employer. thats was all good.

Ok! Thanks for your answer!

I hope the letters arrive soon.

Hi guys,
I have few questions about the mvv.
We  havent applied for it yet.  We just want to get all the info we can before we apply.

1) Do you have to show 3 months pay slips with 1 year contract. or 1 year contract is enough ?  Because for the last two years my dutch partner is here with me in Australia. So i dont think he will be able to show 3 months pay slips of working in the Netherlands.

2) We are in registered partnership, do we have to show any other proof, like how we met, pictures etc? Or just the certificate is enough ?

Cheers :)

Hey Guys,

Got my positive response today Finally!!

Thanks everyone for your support.

Netherlands here I come! :D:D:D

Utsav10 wrote:

Hey Guys,

Got my positive response today Finally!!

Thanks everyone for your support.

Netherlands here I come! :D:D:D

I'm still waiting my answer! 😊
Hope the answer arrive soon!

Does the antecedent verklaring was filled up by you? It must be with your own handtekening

Goodluck qith your application. Hope you will have the decision within those months and not to be extended again. Others have it extended by 3months for dew times. There is something that IND needs to check on your papers, and other IND goes at the work of ypur partner to verify some other things. Succes!