What are your MVV experiences?

Hello everyone!

This forum is aiming to share experiences or stories regarding your MVV application process.
Please feel free as to how long your MVV took and what are different experiences in your application, wether it be postponed deadline from IND or other additional documents lacking.

I hope this forum will help people, just like myself, with their MVV application, specially the waiting process.

Please feel free to share your experiences and ask questions if you have any.

Our MVV waiting period was 5 weeks. Submitted the documents on June 30 and got the result on August 5, 2017.

We are still waiting for the MVV advice until now.

The process started on 18th July and the deadline is 16th of October.
Both the embassy and IND told us that the CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) and my birth certificate doesn't need to be legalised as I am living in Japan, however I had to have my residence registry here in Japan legalised and translated as it is in Japanese. We have confirmed with both IND and embassy regarding this matter as we do not want to be lacking of documents for the application.

We have called IND one week ago and we are told that our papers are picked up and assigned to an IND officer.

We are hoping to get the advice soon.

Hello, have already got the answer from the IND? My wife has filed the documents on the 17th of August, and we are still waiting...

Hello raul_vo.

We haven't received the advice from IND yet, we are still waiting.
I wish you advice comes soon too. :)


I have been reading your forum and would like to wish you all the best for your MVV visa.

I would like to ask you a question and I would be grateful if you could provide some information.

I am currently waiting for the Civic Integration Exam results and once received I will start preparing to apply for MVV. I would like to know what documents you had to get legalised or Apostilled at the time of making the application? Moreover, do you have to get those documents legalised by the Dutch Embassy as well?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks in advance.


Hello Prav,

Good luck on your Civic Integration Exam!

The documents depends on the situation of the applicant. In my case, I was advised that the legalisation of my unmarried certificate and birth certificate from the Philippines is not needed. (The IND advised me this before I took my Civic Integration Exam and we confirmed with the dutch embassy here in Japan and re-confrimed with IND multiple times)

Also, it depends on what country you are coming from if you need an apostille or legalisation from the foreign affairs in your country.

You can check this link regarding the legalisation of documents and the apostille:
https://ind.nl/en/Pages/legalisation-an … ments.aspx

The standard documents that needs legalisation is the Unmarried certificate and the Birth certificate. I highly advice you to confirm first with the dutch representation in your country as well as the IND as what you need.

As per IND's email to me with the requirements needed, this is what they said :

"A copy of a legalised marriage certificate, a certificate of registered partnership or a certificate unmarried status for you and your partner. The certificate that you are unmarried cannot be older than 6 months at the time of application. A Dutch partner does not need to submit this document.
If the legislation in your country of origin or continued residence do not provide for legal divorce, you are exempted from providing a certificate unmarried status."

Again, confirming with the IND is the best option just to be sure.  :)

Good luck!

Hello everyone,

My husband applied on the 25th of July and we are still waiting for an answer. Deadline is in two weeks! Our experience was toooo long, I read about other who got it in two weeks and I wonder just how!!!!
It is frustrating for us because we bought a new house and my husband can't get a loan yet because I am still a resident of Lebanon and Lebanon is a sanctioned land according to the Dutch Central Bank and we are all waiting for that residence including the bank, the project and US. (Talk about pressure)
Does anyone know if they wait for the last day to even get a decision? And what happens if they don't decide on the 25th of October? What is our legal rights and what should our plan of action be?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Jessy and welcome to the Forum.

The whole process can take up to 90 days, sometimes longer.  The variation is explained by priority being given to sponsored applicants, the checks undertaken by other Dutch Government agencies and the availability of staff.

I don't think they wait until the last day to announce their decision, it makes no sense for them to do that.

You have the right to appeal should the decision not to be what you expected, but I don't think you have any redress for having to wait too long.

Thank you for ur quick reply.
What I know is that they are obliged to come up with a decision in 90 days. If they need more, they need to inform you of that, by a letter before the period ends.

My question was if they don't respect the 90 days obligation and they didn't ask for an additional time, then what are our rights?

My husband read on the IND website that after 90 days, you send them a letter that they missed the deadline. The first two weeks after the 90 days are sanctionned 20 euros per day
The second two weeks is 30 euros per day.
The third two weeks is 40 euros per day.

That's the penalty the IND would have to pay if they miss the deadline.

Has anyone faced that problem before? I hope we wont be the first ones:)

Jessy Aubel wrote:

Thank you for ur quick reply.
What I know is that they are obliged to come up with a decision in 90 days. If they need more, they need to inform you of that, by a letter before the period ends.

My question was if they don't respect the 90 days obligation and they didn't ask for an additional time, then what are our rights?

My husband read on the IND website that after 90 days, you send them a letter that they missed the deadline. The first two weeks after the 90 days are sanctionned 20 euros per day
The second two weeks is 30 euros per day.
The third two weeks is 40 euros per day.

That's the penalty the IND would have to pay if they miss the deadline.

Has anyone faced that problem before? I hope we wont be the first ones:)

I hadn't heard of this before - thank you.  Your husband is correct; this link will take you to to the relevant part of the IND website that describes this.  You should note that you have to notify them (not vice-versa) and there is a special form (the link to that is in the above link) you have to send them (it's only available in Dutch though!).

After 2 weeks has passed from the 90-day point, you can also appeal to a Dutch Court to force the IND to make a decision in your case; this link will take you the relevant website that explains how to do it.  So that would appear to answer your redress question; statutory financial payment, plus the right to force the IND to respond.

Me and my husband waited for more than 3 months, we called IND every month and firstly they said "we didn't see anything special, all looks good" to our question "is our documents all good? something missing? or you need us to complete something" , they always said like they said above. until 3 months and MORE. We did call them for anticipation just in case something might wrong with our submitted documents, something less, need to be completed, or whatever..

I don't know how to describe my feelings but this is more and less of my husband and I journey of love (and still have to fight. lol):
we are dating each other more than a year and then decided to get married (in a Dutch way: registered partnership). During the dating I have visited him most of the time because he has a job and my job is a writer so I can work from anywhere. I visited NL all the time like one month in and one month out of NL something like that, untill we got married and until now (almost one year),  sometimes I feel like so sick of waiting to be really together but my husband and I are very obligated to the procedure of IND. I wonder if IND feel what we feel, imagine how to not really be together with someone they love.. just like us.. how does it feel to finance this long distance journey with a looooot of travel cost, I am from the other side of the world, somewhere in asia.. omg! and other things like: feel sad and lonely far from our partner.. I mean.. come on IND!!

I said all of this because:
after followed all procedure, and stay calm because whenever we called IND they made us think like everything is allright!! (still with all travel in and out of NL.. and waiting and waiting).. my husband and I booked the very expensive ticket because September is kinda peak season still, because IND promise to let us know in 90 days!!  when I arrived in NL one more time after waited outside of NL for 90 days.. they still didn't answer.. no letter came to my husband address, and when we are calling them on the due date of decision.. they said please wait until tomorrow, maybe you will get a letter, and till tomorrow (D+1 after due date) still no letter or phone call or anything at all. and then two days after the due date we called them again and IT WAS A NEGATIVE DECISION!!  (after a week of the decision due date we finally got a formal rejection letter! what a joke! tell me what I should call it if it wasn't a joke). I feel like they didn't even looked up to our application at all before we "alarmed" them by gave the calls.

they mentioned about my husband's salary, that he don't has the one year contract yet. my husband, on the same day asked the company for a one year contract, and my husband's company said yes, even though at that time was not really the time for a new contract, but my husband's boss is really understands our situation and really like my husband's work, that is why he gave my husband a brand new contract just like IND wanted to.. (my husband had 2 contracts before, like 6 months plus 6 other months and it wasn't enough for IND).

after got a new contract and we submit it, you know what they said?? " ok we're received your documents and we will proceed it within 6 more months maximum"

HAPPY MORE WAITING!!! -> this is what it sounds to us. And my husband was really upset (I think you guys understands why) and asked them what can makes it faster? and they said "you may submit a new document, if you want"

because then we may have shorter time waiting a.k.a another 3 months instead of 6 months with the old documents.

my last update about my mvv: my husband and I submitted new full documents (pay again 200++ euro again, print everything again, filled up each papers again, pay the delivery document again) with hoping that we can really be together at least after all these years waiting and travelling between one to another ocean for OUR LOVE! for universe sake.. I am in misery 🤦🏼‍♀️ sick of waiting (again)

I am so sorry to hear this.
It seems that an incapable person is handling your case.

The best thing you can do,  not only the IND but for all (non)government organisations is to keep a file with all your written correspondences. And then make an official complain.

I know you are tired of waiting and the only thing you want is to be together.
But if I were you,  I make an official complain. You were kept quiet and assured that everything is looking good.

But, I need to say this : if I am correct it's stated on the site that you need at least a one year contract from the employer on the moment you apply. As I understand that was not the case on the moment you applied for the first time.

OMG, I am sorry to hear about this also.

We also had the same situation. My partner called IND every two weeks and they always tell us that our papers look good and that no action is required. They always say that to us every single time we call, so we are confident that everything is fine. Then about one more week before the decision deadline, they gave us a letter saying that we need to submit a document, the decision isn't negative but they gave us two weeks to submit the document and the lady handling our case said that if we submit it the decision will be quick.

My partner is planning to file a complaint because the information hotline is useless he said. They should not say that everything is fine but then say something is wrong at the end. I feel you, and I also feel your frustration.

Let is just hope for the best and that everything will be ok. :)

My husband worked for X company for 6 months only and then moved to the Y (current company) got the first 6 months contract and the2nd 6months contract and this is when we applied for the very first time. He is almost one year in the Y company, with 6+6 months work contracts with the salary above the IND requirements. From my understandings.. it means that my husband's financial  is fulfilled for IND's requirement.

But they emailed my husband and talked about the one year contract. It should be one year contract statement not 6months + 6months. This is what it sounds to us. And then IND said we can appeal and submit the 1 year work contract within 2 weeks and we did 😆but they said "we will review your documents again and we have 6 months due date of new decision started from the 2 weeks period of the completion document (my husband's work contract) submission"

I can't  be that long away from my husband, of course. So after the long consideration I am now waiting in the country outside NL (right now I am in Belgium to do volunteer work), so it won't be hard anymore to meet each other. And then next month I might fly to Turkey or Ireland to do another volunteer work. Oh well, I guess this is the better option and more cost efficient than fly back and forth from NL to asia all the time. Hehe

Yeah actually this is more and less the same case, they don't really say NO to my application but asking for another completion. But then lucky for you that you got the news one week before the decision due date.  But for me I got one week after the decision due date.  They are so mean and rude 😣😣😣

I wish you best of luck too and thank you for making this topic in this forum haha.. I finally can release all of my feelings here 😉

The IND are very unpredictable, it's so stressfull.

Aww thank you, I made this coz I was also anxious and stressed and I am sure there is alot out there like us. Hoping this could help.

BTW in the letter did they tell a specific date as to when the decision will be done before you redid the application again? :)

Oh, one more thing though.. my husband sent the official complaints to IND by cal, email, and the letter, and they apologize and promise to do their best regarding our double application. They said they might compensate by refund the cost of the 2nd application if the 1st application eventually approve in the future.

No, the didn't give the specific date only stated that they will have 180 days to review and give the decision. It could be soonest or on the latest date (180 days). That's why my husband and I chose to apply again and re-do everything. It is expensive of course but at least can reduce the 6 months waiting time to 3 months 😂

Meanwhile the first application review is still ongoing. Not that we gave up or cancel the first one. We just did double applications and don't mind to pay double. I am not sure if our step to apply again is wise but at least that they allow us to do so, and we just can't wait to move in together have a new apartment, and dogs, and kids, hahhaha start our brand new life together and don't travel away from each other anymore 🤓🤓🤓🤓


Thank you so much will do just that. Glad to have helped give more infos :D

One last question: my husband doesn't have a written contract but have been working full time with his company for almost 5 years now and of course above the salary mentioned by the IND which means he has a long term sufficient stable income according the IND description. He applied all the payslips for the past 4 and a half years with our application and time is ticking. 11 days to go still but I am almost in panic mode already: my last question being, do  you think not having a written contract would affect our application?

Totally understand what you are going. Been in and out of the Netherlands for the last 2 and a half years almost. It is sooooo tiring, we can't even plan for a baby before we are settled and we have to do a 2 and half year of long distance marriage which is not a piece of cake.

Good luck to you, sending you all the positive vibes and know you are not alone.

Sorry to hear that too but what paper did they need from you?

All the luck in the world, sending you positive vibes and hope it will be asp.

Hello HeyNutzz,

Thanks for your quick response. Thanks for your wishes, Eagerly waiting for the result!

I had been in contact with IND regarding this and they have advised me that Unmarried certificate is not required when I am already married and my dutch marriage certificate also does not need to be legalised. However, I have my birth certificate apostilled and it is ready.

I have had the exact same paragraph quoted by IND in their email, which again sounds contradictory to what they advised that my dutch marriage certificate is not required to be legalised. I will reconfirm this with IND.

I would also like to ask you a question about the MVV form (Sponsor). In the form there is an appendix for "Medical Information Disclosure Consent Form" and "Proof of Medical Situation of Foreign National"
Do you have to get these appendices filled in your country by a general practitioner and attach it with your application or it was not necessary?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks
Prav. :)

Hello :)

If the document is from the Netherlands, there is no need to legalize them because they have it in their system I think.

And the medical disclosure form is only needed when the foreign national is undergoing a medical situation or has a medical situation, if not then it's not needed.

Good luck

Hello HeyNutz,

Yeah you are right on that.  okay thanks for the information. I do not really have any major medical issue or history. I guess normal skin allergy not need to be mentioned in the form.

I have one last question to ask, would you suggest to have the educational certificates apostilled/legalised for the future reference?


Hello again,

Yes, I think so too. It is always good to be prepared for future use. :)
And yeah, skin allergy is not needed in the form I think, just major ones.

Hey guys and girls, my husband just found it from the IND that actually that from the day that they send the invoice to pay to the day that they receive your payment are added to the 90 days!!!! We paid the same day, but they got it two or three days later so now our deadline is no longer the 23rd of October but the 26th!!!! They claim it is in their legal rights to add to the final date.
So advice, either go to the IND and book to pay there or pay asp!!!

Hi Jessy Aubel,

Thank you for this information. It will be helpful for others to know this.

Good news, I got the positive confirmation from the IND today. It took in total 83 days. Good luck for everyone else and I hope you hear back from the IND soon @heynutzzzz.

Congratulations on your positive result and you can start a new life in the Netherlands.

All the best and take care.

Thank you so much.
I have an appointment at the Embassy on Tuesday next week.
I do have a question about the steps after getting the MVV.
So after u get the MVV, u travel to The Netherlands within 3 months. Then you have 5 working days after arriving to the Netherlands to register at the residence Municipality.
I am confused about when the IND gives u the residency card. Should we make an appointment to pick it up? Do they contact us to pick it up? When do the 2 weeks star? Since you register at the Municipality or starting the day you give ur biometrics to the Embassy?
If anyone can help with that would appreciate😊

Yaaay! I got the approval from the IND :)

And congratulations to you too 🎉🎊

@ heynutzzzz,

In the letter I received the IND said that a letter will be sent to our address when the residence card is ready for pick up and that no appointment is needed. :)

Here's reply for all your questions, IND gives u the residency card almost week upon arrival. Should we make an appointment to pick it up? No they send you letter on the persons address who asked for you the mvv.  Do they contact us to pick it up? (So yes).  When do the 2 weeks star? Since you register at the Municipality or starting the day you give ur biometrics to the Embassy? ( since you give biometrics)

Hi there, just reconfirming again from everyone that the medical section is not needed to be filled unless you have a major issue right? Has anyone had any detailed experience in this section? Many thanks!

Hi Prav,

I just want to ask about the civic exam. I am a Maldivian and have a dutch partner and trying to get my residence permit aswell to live in netherlands with him and in order to do that i have to take the exam. Its hard learning dutch but just want to ask how the exam was like? Hard? :)

Thank you,

Congratulation HeyNutzzz. I wish you all the best for your new life!

Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with us.

Hello Sara,

Initially I was also bit scared about the exam especially the speaking part. However, on the day of the exam I was quite confident about my preparation. so it went really well. I have a good feeling about my exam results but let's see how it goes!

I studied with NaarNederland website to learn the basics and also used other websites such as Duolingo, Adappel, Youtube videos to practice more.

Here are the few website links that I used to practice for my exam for each section:
http://www.exercisesinburgering.nl/inbu … aardigheidhttps://www.toetskns.nl/ (For KNS Section) You can download the 100 question of KNS from the NaarNederland website and practice it everyday until you know all the question by heart.

https://adappel.nl/lesmateriaal/a1-basi … nburgeringhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjLK3wfYx90

For Speaking part, there are also question available at NaarNederland website and you can prepare you own answer and practice until you feel confident.

The good thing about the exam is that you have all the material in front of you in order to prepare and pass, there is nothing in the real examination is different than what you are learning with the help of all these available tools online.

Just be confident and focus on what you are learning.

When is your exam date?

Many Thanks