How long does the MVV Procedure take?


First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this.

Unfortunately, I'm from one of those countries that require an MVV in order to get a Dutch Residence Permit.
I have been married to my husband for 2.5 years, we got married in my country and our marriage is already registered in the Netherlands.

I have already done the Inburgeringscursus in the Netherlands (A2 level) and passed all parts of the exam and have the diploma.

So here's the thing. My husband has submitted all of my documents in IND in Eindhoven, and it has been exactly 30 days today since the submission. I'm just waiting for the Positive Advice from the IND, how long does this normally take?

I have been told that it takes 3 months but is it usually shorter than that? I am currently staying in London because the Dutch law requires me to stay outside the Netherlands as long as the procedure is taking place and I am allowed to stay in the United Kingdom for 6 months on Tourist visa. I couldn't afford to travel all the way back to my country for so long and I have no place to stay there. I also plan to apply for my MVV in the embassy here in London.

So, how long does it take to receive Positive Advice from the IND? And how long does the MVV application itself take?

Hope to get some answers, thank you in advance.

Mine took 3 weeks! :up:

The average time is 3 months. My MVV was ready in 4 weeks (from the moment I l knew I passed on the embassy test until the moment I went to embassy to take my MVV). But I know some others that took a little bit longer.

Hi mvv tooks almost 3 months should ask your  husband to call IND and ask how is your document suggestion is every 2 weeks you call them and ask for the status...

Thanks and good luck...

Lovemnia -- Did you got your MVV positive advise exactly for 3 months? We are waiting for 3 weeks now.  we called them everyday even and send a letter. Until now we are waiting for advise.

Actually every person is different, sometime can be fast sometimes not. I got my mvv for almost 3months maybe around 12weeks waiting. Sometimes it depends on your luck also. I don't understand how IND work but just prepare for the worst (3 months waiting). Wish you all the best...


I live in africa, i understand that mvv takes 3 months or less but usually depends on where one comes from, so my question is, for a person like me who comes from zambia, how long can it take? Anyone with a similar experience?

I think it has nothing to do in which part of the world you live but when you apply. In the summer it's busier than in winter for example. Most of the results comes in the time frame which is given but there are always exception due some reasons : the application is not complete, a missing document or even a stamp can cause the delay.

Take it easy and be patient.
Guess that is one of the most difficult and stressful part of the process.

Thanks for the reply.. i assumed country of origin would matter because of differences in country economies and all.

Very hard to say. I'm following a group on FB. There are some whose spouse/partners are from Egypt, Turkey and they got their approval letters within 2 weeks.

We received ours in 20 days. A lot of those days went to postal waiting time.

So the send the answer through post and not email?

Yes, they don't email unless they need more documents from you. Everything else is via snail mail.

Thanks alot for your helping me with the information

My gf will be applying for my mvv once my civic int exam results are out.Would she need any of my docs for applying for MVV? i recently passed imp docs like my edu qual, birth cert etc to her incase that would strengthen  my case.

i am from india and my gf is dutch citizen

She can check out the website from the Dutch immigration office:
There you can find all the information you need.
And to go if you have questions.

The only documents i submitted when my wife was applying were my copy of passport including the stamps showing that i went in and out of netherlands since they need you to be in your home country when they are processing your case and also a copy of birth certificate and copy of marriage certificate. From your girlfriend's side, am sure she knows what to submit.

Mine took 17days only but mostly other got it within 1month or more.

Hope you will get it anytime soon.. mine took 17days only.

Hi all,

I am waiting for my MVV positive advice. We started it on 10th October. One week later we got the bill to pay. And, one week later we got a letter about confirmation of the payment. We were expecting to get the confirmation this week. But, not yet. My Fiancee called the IND and they told him they can't check how is the process going.
So, some of you called IND and got answer from the progress of the process?
Dank u wel!

Hey mates,

We just got the letter from IND!!!!
It took 3 weeks!
Wish you lots of success!



The who process takes 3 months... but mostly they will give you an answer before 3 months. Am sure they gave you a date for their final day when they will answer right? And that day must be in January if you started the process in october.. for now, be patient and waut for them to get back to you, it shall be well. We got our answer after 2 months of waiting.. am even in Netherlands now with my wife and son.. arrived on 2nd November. Good luck to you.

Is there a minimum monthly salary level the partner needs to prove to be able to apply for my mvv or can a sufficient bank balance be sufficient to qualify?

hi all
thanks for all your inputs

i passed my civic integration with KNS- 10
Leesvaardigheid- 10
Spreekvaardigheid- 10

now for the mvv. fingers crossed

Congratulations, you did an excellent job  :one


will my partner in holland need to show a job and minimum income to apply for my mvv?

vikram1329 wrote:


will my partner in holland need to show a job and minimum income to apply for my mvv?

If you visit you get all the answers you're looking for.

Could someone please advice on how the language exam is. I'm trying to study but I feel like the material is alot. How did y'all do it. Please advice 😊

There are 3 papers. 1 is very easy and the other 2 are not too difficult, but can be tricky.

Took me 2 months to complete lessons 20-the last lesson, on a daily basis, and I had some basic understanding before. May take about 4 months or more for an absolute beginner, depending on how fast you can grasp all the new words and grammar.

All the best!

I just finished going through the kns. Could you please advice on how I could be able to cover the two remaining parts by the end of February 😊. Any advice will be appreciated .


Congratulations Vikram, I'm taking the exam in March. I just finished going through KNS. Could you please give me tips on how to study the other two parts. Also what kind of questions did they ask? Any help offered will be appreciated.



audio cd 4 from naar nederland is the best option. i used to keep aside daily 2 hours for practise, without fail. the more you listen to audio cd and complete lessons 21-65, i think you are good to go. on the day of exam, reach well in time, relax and speak clearly and with confidence on the headphone. i had also downloaded simple dutch songs on my mp3 player in order to surround myself with everything dutch...errr...thats apart from my gf!!!!!

all the best, cheers



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Thank you so much. This is helpful. I might later on have more questions. I hope you don't mind. Thank you again.😊


There is No way to speed that, you must be patient.
It can take till 6 months but it can be done in few weeks depends on your documents and the situation, my advice is don't compare yourself to anyone else, every file is different.
I wish you good luck, don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.

Kind regards,

Ahmed Noureldin

We started in February..I know for average time 3 months,but in out case everything is stressful...We don't have a luck
The letters are traveling too long(for fee,for documents..)
For start/decision letter we wait more than 4 weeks.
Now they told us that they have all but maybe ask for more and that everything can be 90 days + 90 days
We are waiting for positive result(no reason to be other) but I'm so sad because I can't be with my sweetheart..
Who ask me.......... LoL