How long does the MVV Procedure take?

Please advise my husband admitted the papers 2 months ago , first of march but still the is no postive advice from the embassy to ask him to pay the fees does that mean it's rejected ? And does it normally take more than 3 months ? Please help with your previous experiences

You should receive 2 letters from IND: acknowledgement letter that the form has been received, and a separate letter that asks for payment. Both letters should arrive within 14 days of the form submission. If your husband received the acknowledgement letter, he can call the medewerker who is handling your case.
Good luck!!

This if you apply from inside Holland!!
They apply from the embassy so totally different.

Cell them. We apply in Nederland and after 4weeks-no letter. When we call them- letter was sent to wrong adress so....2weeks delay for decision...And from February still waiting

It's the holiday season in Holland now so it's normal to take longer than normal, they will contact you

I hope that this is the reason  :top:

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything 😊

Hello , I have a question, my husband applied for my MVV on 4th of February and we paid on 14 , they asked for 2 months of working slips on 1st April and he gave them , still I am waiting for the result, do you have any idea when is the maximum date for result?


Hi , We applied on 4th February and still waiting 😐

Thanks a lot Ahmed  :)

Hallo Ghazalpoppy.
You have a decision date in letter +2weeks delay for the payslips from work.
Maybe they decide before that date  ;)
Gold luck!


I am applying for my internship in Amsterdam. and I want to be sure about everything before I apply for the MVV.

Will it be a faster process if i apply from My country, India or if my employer in amsterdam does it, that would be a fast process.?

It would be a great help.
Thank you so much for your time.

Dear friend,

It will be faster if your company in Holland make the request for the visa for you.

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I got my resident card in less than a month after submitting my exam results. I was in my home country so they email me to go for mvv which took less than 10 days so when I got here my card was ready for collection. According to my experience, the process is straight forward. It's just you need to make sure that you submit all the required documents.

Mine took kess than 10 days

Good morning .

I am Ukrainian ,married with Dutch . Applied for MVV via lawyer .

Please could you advise if applying in such a way can possibly make all the process faster ?

Many thanks

Why through a lawyer?  The process is straight forward.

We think he knows better what to do and how to communicate there .

Oh ok...good luck!

Hey dear,

Every application is unique and it depends in many stuff you can see it in
I will recommend to be patient and see what will happen

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Shukran :)

Hi All,

Any updates on how much time is it taking for the MVV nowadays. I Checked with IND but they didn't give any concrete reply just said it will be done within 3 months. Its already been 6 weeks now.

I think the best thing that u can do is to wait for the letter from IND if ur request is approved or not. As i have read in this site, it took different time how long they have waited for their approval. Some took only 3 weeks, 1 month, 6 weeks, and so on. If you  really want to know if u are approved because u said that its already 6 weeks, then u can call the IND office and follow up ur request on how is it going.
I am also waiting for the approval of my request.

I'm currently living in Japan as my family is based here.
My boyfriend (dutch) and I applied for the MVV last July.
The IND said to us even before i took the basisexamen that all i need is my birth certificate and CENOMAR from the Philippines as we (my family except for my dad who is japanese) are originally from there, and that red ribbon is not needed.
So there we are we passed everything, papers from PH and JP.
We continuously asked them if we need to legalise my papers from the PH but both the IND and embassy here in Japan said it's no need. We asked coz as i read in forums and from IND site it is needed.
The IND sent the receipt of our documents on 18th July, and they said that if they need anything else they would contact, but until now, they haven's asked for additional documents and every time we ask them about the status they always said that our documents are perfect as it is.
My concern is, if they say that our papers are ok and has no problems in it, then why not send us the letter of approval already. It's just so frustrating waiting for it. :(

Hi heynutz' it Can take up to  6 weeks" as it happeaned with me all our papers were perfect Nothing was missing " And Still it took long time "

Thank you Amal.v for answering. :(
Yeah, it's just so frustrating to wait.
How long did you have to wait for yours if you dont mind me asking? :)

I had to Wait 6 weeks But it Can take longer

got my result for 5 weeks..submitted June 30 and result arrived on August 5

wow. good for you! :)
submitted last july 18 and until now no result yet.

Just check email from time to time..a friend of mine submitted on June 27 and just got the result last week..

I would like to know experiences about how long the mvv procedure takes these days?

Hello everyone, my husband applied on the 25th of July 2017. We still didn't get any answer from the IND. The deadline was supposed to be the 23rd of October. Anyways my husband called today to make sure it is the 23rd of October and they told him not it is the 26th because we have the right to add the days till we received your payment. 
My husband paid the same day, but they received it it seems 3 days later. So keep that in mind everyone, either pay directly at the IND when u present ur papers or do it asp because they will add those days in between to the 90 days total....not cool!

Thank you Jessey for this useful addition.
As you might think it's not cool the term starts after they received the fees, I totally understand that they count from that date.

Primadonna :

Thank you Jessey for this useful addition.
As you might think it's not cool the term starts after they received the fees, I totally understand that they count from that date.

Hello Primadonna,

Sorry maybe you got me wrong: they don't start counting when you pay, they start counting when you apply (when they receive the application precisely).
But when they send you the invoice for payment, they freeze the rest of 90 days till they receive the payment and add those days or weeks to the rest of days which are left. I hope this is clearer :D

Exemple if you applied on the 1st of Jan
They received on the 3rd of Jan then the 90 days has started already and should be done by X date

They send you the invoice on the 15th of Jan
You pay on the 16th, they receive payment of the 19th. These 4 days from the 15th of Jan to the 19th  which are 4 days, they add it to the X+4 and that's the total of days they would  max need to finish the paperwork.

Good news guys, I received the approval from the IND on Tuesday. It took in total 83 days. I have an appointment at the Embassy on Tuesday next week.
I do have a question: the steps after getting the MVV are a bit vague for me.
So after u get the MVV, u travel to The Netherlands, then you have 5 working days after arriving to the Netherlands to register at the Municipality of our residence. I am confused about the IND giving u the residency after two weeks. Should we make an appointment? Do they contact us to pick it up? When does the 2 weeks start? Since you register at the Municipality or starting the day you give ur biometrics to the Embassy?
If anyone can help with that would appreciate😊

Hi all just small Query how much time it take to get approval from IND if the employer or company present in netherland the apply for visa. Also want to know how much time Is take if the application is on fast track.

Hey guys, hope you're all well.

Has anyone received any answer from IND lately ? How long did it take ?

Good luck to everyone!!

Were still waiting. What team handles your application?

Team den bosche, did you hear of this team? Hopefully will get the response soon... we’ve been patiently waiting for 2 weeks now:) we started the application on February 20.

My visa took 2 weeks. It was submitted by the company who is sponsoring me. I come from a country that does not require an mvv.

My fiancée will be linked to my visa, but his has not come in yet (it's been 5 weeks now) and we applied at the same time and with the same paperwork. He is from a country that requires an MVV.

We both live together but in a different country from where we were born (in order to be together).

Does anyone have any insight on why his is taking so much longer?

Our flights are booked to arrive in the Netherlands in 3 weeks and we are getting very nervous.

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