How long does the MVV Procedure take?

The processing time for the MVV/TEV application can take up to 90 days (3 months).

Hello guys. We received a yes yesterday. And our application took only 18 days. Den Haag Team 3. Veel succes to everyone.

Hey i am from india and my fiance is dutch .
Currently i am in nederland learning and practising dutch.
For my mvv we got in touch with a law firm to make the procedure smooth and not confusing
They told me that i only need to be in india at the time of submitting documents for mvv and once i submit i can come back to nederland on the current visa which i hold thats like a 2 year tourist visa .
I really dont think i can stay in nederland with my fiance till i get mvv. Can i ?
Also i wanted to know what kind of documents do i need for mvv as on website when you try to check the error comes.
Help please 😕

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The IND website is currently down because of some upgrading work they are doing; it will be back up again later.  However, they do have a Twitter feed where you can ask specific questions; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

You must stay out of NL while your application is still in process. You must wait for the decision till you can go back to NL

Hi everybody,

My name is Erika and I am Colombian. I am also waiting for the MVV answer and I must say that I am a bit anxious due to the legal time it can take up to (90 days), for an answer to receive. But, I am also hopeful that my process is one of those in which the answer is given in less than a month or 6 weeks for stating a random period.
In my case, Application Form was received in Ter Apel on June 8th, and on June 20th my partner got the letter with payment details. On June 25th payment was made and one day later, confirmation letter of payment was in the mailbox.
I do not know from that moment how long will it take but I'll feed this participation once I get the decision.

Hope soon!!!

till then! have a nice day

so what is the difference if you apply in Holland and outside Holland.


Little designers :

so what is the difference if you apply in Holland and outside Holland.


The only significant difference I can think of is that you can only apply for MVV from outside Holland; some of the documentation that you need to fill in is available online from the IND website.

I dont really know whats the difference, but I think its the same in waiting time, as it has a legal time specified for all processes.

What if we are married already from my home country Kenya? Do I need the mvv again?or I can simply enter the Netherlands with my husband?

Mercymokee :

What if we are married already from my home country Kenya? Do I need the mvv again?or I can simply enter the Netherlands with my husband?

You still need MVV; it's part of the integration process of coming to live in Holland; basically that you can speak a bit of Dutch and are aware of Dutch customs.

Hallo, alles goed?

My last post was on July 2nd. And today I finally received my positive advice!
After 1 month & 3 weeks waiting for it - I got confirmation letter of payment on June 27th-.
My process at the end was a long one but today all anxiety and stress is gone :)
Must say also that we were (my partner and me) requested to send an extra document and they gave us two weeks to send it. That delayed process too.
So, I think that in case it wouldn't have been requested I would have gotten the answer in 5 weeks.

Good luck with everything!

Hi kikaro,

May i please know what extra document did ind ask your partner to submit. And how long did it take to receive the approval after the extra document submission?


Hi All
Am Kenyan and we started the process on 22 July 2018 and after a week they asked for payment, which we did and they sent acknowledgement of receipt of payment the next day.

My partner and I were requested to send an extra document  on 7th September and they gave us two weeks to send it.

It's been 10 weeks and we are still waiting 

Hope to receive the reply soonest

i am waiting too ,we staring october too i think we have to just wait till we got answer fron ind

i think salry per month 1550 ,about bankbalence i dont know

vikram1329 :

Is there a minimum monthly salary level the partner needs to prove to be able to apply for my mvv or can a sufficient bank balance be sufficient to qualify?

1550 salary per month she have to,mostly

Were you married at the time you submitted the application?

Hello ,
Does anyone know that If the affidavit of unmarried certificate can be renewed or not, once its 6 months old ?
Or once its above 6 months, do we have to get a new one prepared?
Please help me with these questions If anyone knows about it.

Thanks in advance.

I have applied for through IND on the 1st of August 2019 and till today have not heard anything back from them i am just so anxious though they stated that they have received all my documents that they needed to process the MVV and said decision will be made by 30th October. I know I still have time but just looking for tips if any

It took just have to wait...they will send you letter if you get can call them after 2.5months if there is any news...IND is so busy nowadays so the tips is just be patient...Good Luck!!

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm just have to be patient I wish I could get any update sooner. The wait is really tough

Hello. When you submitted the additional documents how long did it take for them to reply with the positive answer?

Hello even same here I applied in 10 August and my last date is 30th October but still I haven’t got any conformation
Hope you got it !!

Hi did you get the latter from ind ?

Yes i did. And have already got my sticker on the passport

Hello from which team?

I applied for the Spouse visa (MVV) through NYC Dutch Embassy on 29th August and  did the application payment on 3rd of September . Since there was a problem with my payment (bank's fault) the payment was sorted and accepted on 24th of September. I am still waiting on my visa and my husband called IND and they told us we still have time till 27th of November which is the end of 90 days period. I'm really stressed since it is taking this long. Any advice ?

If IND knows you are in Netherlands can that lead rejecting your application?

Hi everyone! I'm from Argentina, and with my partner we're gonna apply in June or close. We gonna make the online application, did anyone here have done it online or only by letter? I've heard that it takes longer by letter. But another question I have is, in the appendix of "Questionaire for residence with partner" how do we send all the photos and plane tickets? Can be sent through the same application online or it has to be sent by mail? Thank you!

Hello did you get approved already ?

No, we haven't applied yet :)

Pls I need help is like am running out on patience my patner applied for my mvv since on the 2 of January and haven't gotten any response only got confirmation of payment after one week of submission how many more weeks do I need to wait. Feels like is taking forever. miss my patner so much we have been together since 2014

My patner applied by letter since 2 January 2020 got confirmation of payment after one week still waiting on response I believe letters takes time

For pics and ticket send online also

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