Orientation year visa and moving with spouse


I'm currently living in Toronto, Canada am looking for some additional information regarding the process of bringing my spouse with me on my orientation year visa. We are both Canadian and plan to move by summer and are the process of gathering our documents/filling out the necessary forms.

I've read the IND website (including the FAQ page https://ind.nl/en/documents/faq_orienta … ersons.pdf ) and have spoken to the Dutch consular here but still have some questions.

We were told that we must first each apply for our MVV permits (me- orientation year option, husband -  living with spouse) and then I must submit my orientation year application. My questions are:

1. What additional application forms must I complete for my husband? is it the "Application for the purpose of residence of ‘family members and relatives' (sponsor)" form?

2. The FAQ page states in  Question #10 that I will have to show that I have sufficient means to support him, one option being my bank balance equal 12x the monthly welfare amount (+ holiday benefits) for families in the Netherlands.

What $ amount is this? I'm unable to find a concrete number on the websites.

Thank you!!


Oh and forgot to ask, are we both required to take the civic integration exam before moving?

Any advice for how soon we are to start studying before we take the exam?

Thank you!


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Canadian citizens are exempt from the requirement for Civic Integration (MVV) (link).  That said, you won't get as much out of this orientation year if you don't speak Dutch, so my advice would be to learn the language; their is plenty of on-line things, YouTube would be a good place to start (and it's free).

Application Form - for you

For your husband - the website says that he can apply from within, so he travels with you, enters as a tourist, then applies for a family visa.  However, as you have to apply on paper, then it makes sense for him to do it at the same time.  Details of how are here.

How much - this link will take you to the relevant section of the IND website with the numbers, they're in Euros, not Canadian dollars.

You should be aware that Covid has created havoc in all Governments and Holland is no different; many people are working from home which is problematic (causes delays) for those submitting paperwork.  You should also be aware that there is currently an essential travel only/quarantine requirement.  IND do have a Twitter feed and they are quite good at asking generic questions.  They also have a contact page on their website, this link will take you there.

If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Consequences. Bringing a family member to the Netherlands while you study at EUR is no small matter! You will be asked by the IND to prove you have a solid financial plan, and sufficient financial means, to support yourself and family member(s) while you are in the Netherlands.

Hi Kristin,

I am in a similar position hoping to apply for the Orientation visa around September 2024 and hope my partner can accompany me. Did you both sort everything in the end - what was the outcome?