Sports and fitness in Amsterdam

sports in Amsterdam
Updated 2022-08-15 13:39

Just 4% of the Dutch say they don't do any exercise weekly, and most spend 12.8 hours a week doing physical exercise. This is much higher than the global average, which is 6.1 hours; in fact, the Netherlands tops the chart in comparison with the rest of the world!

Naturally, when you move to Amsterdam, you won't find a lack of sports, whether it's participating or watching. If you want to know where to work out or the best places to watch some soccer, then keep reading. In this article, we'll tell you all about the state of sports in Amsterdam.

Popular sports in Amsterdam

Soccer is the most popular sport in the Netherlands by far; their national teams performed exceptionally in a few World Cups, after all. Other sports the Dutch like to play include field hockey, volleyball, and tennis. If you're interested in picking up these sports in Amsterdam, it won't be hard to find a Dutch person or even another expat who's willing to play with you.

Another popular physical activity is jogging since pedestrian pathways are outstanding and there are many parks in the city to run through.

Sports clubs in Amsterdam

The types of sports clubs available in Amsterdam are just as diverse as the people living in it. From rugby and American baseball to roller derby and dragon boating, you can find clubs for just about any activity. The majority of these are expat-friendly, which means you'll have a great time fitting in. This is an excellent way to make some friends with common interests.

Many of these clubs are put together by volunteers, so you may not have to pay a membership fee. And even if you do, most will offer a free session or trial, so you don't have to spend any money until you're sure the club is a good fit for you.

Watching live sports in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's official soccer team is Ajax, so you should be supporting them whenever you go to matches. They're probably the best team in the country, so any game you attend should be thrilling.

However, because they're such a superb team, you may have to pay higher prices for their matches; tickets cost upwards of €100. If you're very enthusiastic about spectating soccer, consider getting the Ajax Club Card. With this card, you'll get the first release tickets.

For all other live sports, you'll have to go to a sports bar or an English pub to watch them. These places should be very accommodating; if the game you want to watch isn't on a screen, just ask an employee, and they'll gladly put it on TV for you.

Gyms in Amsterdam

No matter where you live in Amsterdam, you'll find a few gyms within walking or biking distance; there are around 60 in the whole city. Since the Netherlands is so rainy, gyms are quite popular, as they allow you to work out regardless of the weather outside.

Depending on the gym you choose, the subscription fee can be anywhere as low as €8/month to as much as €80/month; on average, you'll pay about €20 to €40 per month. If you're a student, make use of the gyms on campus, as they'll barely cost you anything.

The classes available at Amsterdam gyms include yoga, CrossFit, boxing, HIIT training, kinesis circuits, pole fitness, various styles of dance, and more.

Yoga classes in Amsterdam

Yoga is a very popular fitness program in Amsterdam. Not only can you take classes in gyms and studios, but during the less rainy months, you can also take yoga classes outside in areas such as Vondelpark and Oosterpark.

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