Things to do in Amsterdam solo, duo or with a group

leisure in Amsterdam
Updated 2022-08-15 13:48

While you live in Amsterdam, you may find yourself in different social situations. You might have some free time to go out alone, your friends from back home may visit, or your significant other might want a romantic date night. No matter what company you're in, you can count on this magnificent city to have everything you need right inside it.

Solo activities in Amsterdam

If you like to people watch, you can walk down practically any street and sit down by the canal; you'll be perfectly safe, even later at night (you'll have to watch out for pickpockets, though). The best place to do this is the central parts of Amsterdam, as you'll see plenty of drunk tourists who do outrageous things. There's never a dull moment when you're observing the hustle and bustle of this lively city.

If it's a weekday, you can also try some of the leisure activities in our other articles. Some of these are great to do with your partner, friends, and family as well.

Romantic activities in Amsterdam

Whether you're new to Amsterdam or you know it like the back of your hand, a canal boat tour can offer you a different perspective of the city. You and your partner can hop on one of these and even snuggle up underneath a blanket with warm cups of Chocomel or gluhwein in each person's hand if it's wintertime.

If you want to stay indoors, there are a few art deco movie theaters located in the city. Before and after your movie, you can walk hand-in-hand, exploring the buildings and marveling at the architecture.

Even the walk or bike ride home from any activity can be romantic. At night, the canals are beautifully lit up so you can enjoy the view.

Family activities in Amsterdam

For a fun outing in Amsterdam, you can take the entire family to the Artis Zoo. Here, not only can you see exotic animals like zebras and capybaras, but you'll also get to enjoy their aquarium and planetarium.

On that same note, if you don't have the time or money to spend at a large zoo, you can also take your kids to a number of farms (boerderijen) to enjoy their petting zoos. Many of these farms sell their fresh products, so make sure to take some away with you!

Another fun activity that involves animals is the Poezenboot (literally the “Cats Boat”). This is a houseboat that's full of cats and other small animals that are up for adoption. Who knows, you may just find your next furry friend there!

Group activities in Amsterdam

If you and your friends are foodies, make sure to visit the Foodhallen. This is a food hall where you can grab both food and drinks from a number of excellent stalls. There are some small stores nearby, so you can do some shopping either before or after your Foodhallen visit.

The Netherlands and Belgium are known for Dutch gin or jenever. Right in Dam Square is the tasting tavern (proeflokaal) Wynand Fockink. Here, you can try more than 70 jenevers in a 17th-century setting, which can be a unique experience. Do note that this tasting tavern doesn't admit groups of over 7, so if you have an excessive party size, we suggest splitting up the group so that everyone gets to experience the proeflokaal.

Would you rather go gaming? Then try TonTon Club. There are two locations in Amsterdam; one in Westergas and one near Rembrandtpark (the location's called PUCK). TonTon Club is special since it features retro games from the ‘90s. PUCK has more modern arcade games available. You can also go to Blast Galaxy in Amsterdam Noord, as you just need to pay €15 for entry (€10 for kids 2 to 12 years old). Then, you can play for as long as you'd like!

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