What are your MVV experiences?

@MartijnR thank you. Im married to my dutch wife, she applied for mvv for me since 28 June and until October 30 todays status shows ”you will received a decision not later than 26th September so i don't know what to do

@inniinnocent0 Hello , did you try to call the IND so ask about your application and why  is it take too long ?  You can make a  call (088-0430 430, +31 88 043 0430 from abroad),and ask about the status of your documents

@munezerohuguette25 yes we did. thank you for responding

@munezerohuguette25 Please i have another question, i have had resident permit from hungary and after it was valid until 2 months back that i was waiting for the decison from ind, now im confuse if i will have to return back to apply mvv if decision is approved or i can wait here for it i dont kmow what to do

@inniinnocent0 are you already in netherlands ?? because its adviced to wait outside of the country while your MVV visa is in process . if you are in netherlands and your  Mvv is approved you will have to return in the country you write to collect your Mvv visa and enter in netherlands with your mvv visa . thanks

@inniinnocent0 did they told you when they will give you a decision about your applications ??

@munezerohuguette25 thank you for your reply. yes im in netherlands since my marriage june. and my resident permit from hungary expired why i was waiting decision. so i dont know if i need to report to the authority since i arrived legally.

@inniinnocent0 i Understand. but  there is the time set you have to spend in netherlands since you dont have permit residence to stay in netherland . is that time expired too ?? id its expired you are there in illegal and that can affect your applications . My advise is that you call IND and inform them about that they will told you what to do. thanks

@munezerohuguette25 thank you so much


I have a question regarding MVV and my situation. 

I had a student visa from Slovenia which expired 2 months ago. I applied for a Blue card for Slovenia and my case is in the process. Now I have a good offer in Netherlands and I want to apply for that.

Is that ok if I apply for another Blue card of Netherlands when one application in Slovenia is in the process?

can I apply for that in Slovenia (the Netherlands's embassy in Slovenia) or do I have to come back to my home country?


[PART 1]

Dear all,

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this topic and the administrators for providing a nice platform. Until recently, I was one among the nervous ones to read this thread carefully to see if I can find any relevant information for my situation. I am glad to mention that my wife's visa was recently approved by the IND. As my experience was not straightforward, I thought I should share my experience as it might provide some insight for others who are (partly) in a similar position. I am a naturalized Dutch citizen and my approximate time line is as follows:

MVV visa application 1:

14 April 2023: My employer filed for an MVV visa for my wife. I was not aware that my wife needed to pass the basisinburgering exam. My employer filed the wrong application and hence we did not know about this requirement.

20 April- We received confirmation and a letter stating that we will receive a decision before 1st May 2023 (keep in mind that my application was incorrectly filed under the section “partner of highly skilled migrant” )

21 July - This was the end of the official decision period. But we did not receive any letter from the IND. By then I had called the IND multiple times without any meaningful response. 

1 Aug- I wanted to do some research and initiated an application (but did not submit it) on mijn IND portal to see if my employer missed something. Surprise!! I figure out that my initial application was incorrect. My wife needs to learn Dutch before coming to Netherlands. She has to pass the exam.

13 Aug- My employer filed the letter of default with the IND. This was the only way to get some information from them.

27 Aug- We finally receive a letter from the IND with a long list of documents necessary to make a decision. This included the result of basisinburgering exam. The case officer also confirmed over the phone that my application was a huge mess as it was filed incorrectly.

9 Sep- I submit all the necessary documents except the result of the inburgering exam.

10 Sep - My application was rejected with a long explanation stating why an exception can not be made. It clearly stated that the application must have been submitted only after receiving the result of the exam.

Tourist visa Application:

9 Sep- My wife applied for a tourist Schengen visa.

15 Sep- She received the tourist visa.


21 Sep - My wife appeared for the exam at the consulate abroad after 6 weeks of preparation.

14 Oct - We received the result stating that she passed all sections of the exam.

[PART 2]

MVV visa application 2:

16 Oct- I submitted a new application myself using the IND portal. At this point my wife was already in the Netherlands on a tourist visa. Before submitting the application, I called the IND two times to check if I am allowed to submit an application when my wife is in Netherlands on a tourist visa. I was told that in this particular case, it MIGHT be tolerated. As the process takes more than 3 months anyway, I thought my wife would have returned to her home country when the response comes in. I made sure that a copy of her passport with the arrival stamp in Netherlands was uploaded as a part of the application online.

20 Oct- I get a confirmation that my application was submitted properly. This time, I did not get any potential date before which my application would be assessed. It mentioned that they will take a decision within 90 days.

9 Nov- My application was finally approved within 3 weeks this time. I was extremely surprised.

15 Dec- My wife submitted the passport at the embassy abroad for stamping. A lot of questions were asked by the officer. 

22 Dec- She received the passport with the visa

27 Dec- We received a letter stating that the residence permit is ready to be collected

My suggestions/ observations:

1) The process to get a visa for a partner of a citizen/permanent resident is very long as the application has to go through multiple checks. However, for partners of highly skilled migrant visa holders, it is very easy, quick and straightforward.

2) DO NOT submit an application when your partner is in Netherlands. DO NOT travel to Netherlands when your application is under review. I know that I did not follow this but it was a mistake. Do not take this risk.

3) In general, all the staff members over the phone and the case officers were extremely kind and helpful. But sometimes, there is just no additional information to provide and this is might be frustrating for us to hear.

4) Always make sure that you double check the entire application before submitting even if you are engaging someone else to do this for you. Go to the corresponding page on IND that relates to your situation and follow that to the letter.

Wish you all the best and a very happy new year!!

Thank you so much for sharing this. You mentioned that one should not remain in the netherlands during application, my wife a citizen applied for partner visa after our marriage here in the netherlands 28/06/2023 and until now that we are waiting im still present with her and reading this now got me worried. She filled default as well and now we waiting to hear. im a non EU residence i previously had a resident permit from hungary before she applied. Do you think i should exist? We both confuse now

@humbliurs   Thank you for sharing your experience and congrats for your wife's residence permit approval. I do have one question though: as you are a high skilled migrant, you are in Netherlands on a temporary purpose of residence (under Civic Integration Act). Why your wife needed to pass the inburgering exam??

See this page: https://ind.nl/en/civic-integration-exa … xam-abroad

According to this page, your wife's residence purpose falls under: "A residence permit for residence with a family member or relative who has a residence permit for a temporary residence purpose".

Then check this page: https://ind.nl/en/temporary-residence-p … ration-act

High skilled migrants are considered temporary residents. Thus, she should have been exempt.


I am no longer a highly skilled migrant. There was an error in the way my initial application was filed by my employer. 


Hi, Congratulations on the wedding! I am sorry that my post scared you a bit. I am assuming that your citizenship makes it necessary for you to get an MVV to enter the country for long term stay (given that you are in this forum). If you still have a valid residence document from Hungary, did you consider going back to Hungary until a decision is made? Which country did you mention in your initial application that you will go to collect the MVV passport stamp? You mentioned that you "previously" had a residence permit from Hungary, does it mean it is now expired? If so how are you in the Netherlands now?

Sorry for asking so many questions. The purpose of these questions is to make sure that you can easily travel to the country where you collect the MVV stamp. You will need this stamp to pick up the final residence permit in Netherlands. Keep in mind that if you mentioned Hungary as the place to get the MVV stamp, then you need to show a valid residence permit of that country to get the dutch MVV stamp at the embassy.

Ofcourse, I am not the authority on this subject. I might be wrong. I am just repeating what I gathered during my process. I am sorry if I am factually incorrect.

Thank you for replying. Yes i mentioned hungary  during the application and while i was here waiting my resident permit expired few months back. Since my wedding i have been in netherlands which i thought i should until i saw your comment. after she filled the default on the app she shows now in progress. now i really dont know what next.

I think next option will be travelling to home country for mvv we are confuse now. when we call to the gemmete a lady told my wife when she asked if i can stay and she said ”He married with you here so i guess he can wait for decison” but it wasnt a staright answer. you are a nice person seeing you coming back to let others know how it went with you


Good to see that there is progress in your application. I wish you the best. Just check what the procedure is to change the place of collection of MVV. Best to make any decision after you hear from the IND (which might be very soon in your case).

@humbliurs Thanks so much.

    What are the difference between teams? Also see different processing rime per team?
Ate certain teams handling different MVV requests per country of requester?


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The teams reflect the local IND locations around the Netherlands; you apply centrally and depending on the type of application (for example Skilled Migrant visas are handled in specialist centres) the IND will then forward your application to the most appropriate IND desk; you can read all about this on the IND website, this link will take you straight to it.

The time taken to process an application varies depending on the type of application and things like IND staff availability.  The IND aim to turn around all applications within 90 days of receiving your correctly completed application.

I hope this helps.


Expat Team