What are your MVV experiences?

Thanks Doreen. Team 3 Den Bosch. Which team is handling yours?

dezire4497 :

Finally I got my MVV visa approval. I applied on 23rd January and got my visa approved on 09th March (6 weeks 3 days). I would like to thank everyone helping me out for clearing out my queries as well as by sharing their personal queries.

Months of hard work, tons of patience, pain of the distance, tedious waiting period has all paid off in the end. Bottom line is do your best and have patience, you will get want you want in life.

Good luck to everyone.


Hi, congrats! In my case I am still waiting for my passport to be stamp it is now 7days from embassy to regional office as status of in process. how long did it take for you to get the passport stamp visa from the embassy?

Hi All,

This has been a very informative forum. Thank you for all your contributions.

I applied for my wife's dependent visa on 2nd January, 2018 through my employer. However, we are still waiting for the approval and the last date is within 3 weeks from now. The team processing my application is from Den Bosch. Is it common for delay during this period? Will a visit to IND help us to get any update?

Thank you!


Unfortunately a visit to IND will not help, they will not give any information about it until you reach the 90th day. Try to get in touch with your contact person that might help.

Hello and welcome to the forum.
Visiting IND is not a good idea in my opinion even calling then because they do not give you updates regarding your application. All you have to do is wait for their email of approval regarding your application. We have experience this with my application, we called IND every 2 weeks and we thought they are giving us updates but it turns out that they are very misleading with their "updates".

Good luck! :)

Thank you for the reply! I guess we have to wait and patience is the only way forward.

Team 7 Den Bosch , hopefully to hear from them soon as well!

Hey guys, we got positive result from ind lately, we waited for 8 weeks, at first the mail said we were team den bosch but on the approval  letter was den haag. Hope our experience can be helpful for people who are waiting now.

Congrats. What team handled your application?

Hi All, for inspiration.

My wife sent all the documents using binder folder to IND via post on Feb 13. and we received to pay on 19, then 22 we got the confirmation waiting until May 13. but I got the approval from IND on Feb 28 (Team Den Haag 2), then I went to embassy March 2 with scheduled via online.  March 13th today, the DHL sent my passport with stamp visa type: D in our house in Italy. Cheers!

Hope you got the approval fast too!

We also have a YES. Zwolle Team 1


I applied for MVV sticker yesterday and received it today. Apparently the Embassy of Netherlands in my city is itself a regional office, therefore I got my visa sticker the next day.

Hope you get your passport soon. Good luck.


Thank you for the info! We will patiently wait and hope for the best🙂🙂🙂 it’s great that they moved your application to den hague I heard that’s the fastest one.


Team 7 den bosch as well:) hopefully will get the positive advise soon!

Congrats gurl!!! Wohooo! Party🍾🍾🍾🥂🥂🥂

hello bro congratulation for you
i want ask you which team take your reqeust my gf apply in 12 march in den bosh is it fast team there or slow

I have been practicing with my partner since starting early this January, he says that I’ve improved a lot and i can express my thoughts most of the time in Dutch only the grammar construction is far from perfect. I’m still feeling nervous and anxious for my exam this April. Hoping that it would have positive results! I am considering of course to enrol eventually on a formalin Dutch lessons as it is still hard to have a grasp of another language specially the grammatical rules. I’m still confuse with geen and niet like on when to use which. I can understand sentences already but when they say it slowly. That’s why I’m freaking out on the exam :(

Duolingo app helps a lot. It helps me a lot also during my studies here in NL.
Give it a try. :)

Hi people! I saw the comments , and I’m wondering about... how many people is in the same situation Than me ... I’m terrified! Well, I would love to know how many time is taking Ind to give an answer ? I know they say between 90 days , but Normally...I would like to know with people who are passed the same hell than me ..I don’t know which team is working with me, because I have contracted an Attorney for my case , one specialist in inmigration (My first Mvv), because I really want to make this FAST, Im not be able for rejections and papers missed or that kind of  stories. I want everything perfect because I’m very impatient ( and holland teached me something , be patience! Wat jammer! ( what a torture )I’m exhausted . After wait the succeeded of the famous exam ( Took so long , 6 weeks to know the positive result ) we already applied a week ago.

Nowadays, I’m in Mode waiting , desperate of course... because wait is a big Sacrifice for me.

Thanks for read me , Groetjes mensen!
If somebody can help me to calm my feelings; would be amaaaaazing Proost!

You can join MVV-About love group in Facebook. There's a member of that group applied also with the help of an attorney and only took 1 month for their application. But i think it doesn't matter if you applied with an attorney or not. IND works faster now a days. Goodluck 😊

Ooooh Thanks for the tips... I hope IND is working fast , due to ... I don’t know which thing is more terrible , wait for duo answer inburgering or wait for IND 😰 I’m praying with a lot of faith if is possible to be there for Kings day 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 . Ah by the way, is really nice to see experiences about people who are with the sames feelings as you, it’s a consolation ... At least for my anxious mind and Van Harte Gefeliciteerd if you have already your Mvv, I know people you are enjoying a loooot!!!!!!!

I think it depends also with your documents and with your handler. Our application is a little bit complicated yet 2 teams handled our application but was lucky enough to have a yes within 1 month and on monday its my appointment for my biometrics, we're looking forward to be together before kings day also 😊. Goodluck with waiting.

Yes, it depends . Today I received the confirmation of the payment ...Im praying for kingsday, festivals seasons is comming ...and everyone knows Summer in Netherland is the best of the best thing than you can live 😂😂😂 Good luck and just wait positive...

Hello everyone ,

Reading your msgs  cleared a side of my confusion yet Im still confused in another certain aspect..  I'm willing to apply for a short term visa ( family and friends visiting visa)  hoping that I can get it like last time .. And then apply for the dutch exam at the embassy hoping to pass so I can go to nl and apply for marriage with my beloved  and have a permanent residence so that I can stay with him coz we are super tired of distance and airplanes and such :(.. My question is :is it doable or should I ask or apply for a certain visa to apply for marriage..  Or the visa category ain't necessary ? 
Also I would like to ask if I can actually choose a date for my dutch exams or not?  Coz I'm afraid that they might give me a far date or sth..
Thank you In advance

One of my friends got married in NL and she only have a short stay visa. And now she's still in EU waiting for her residence permit. (They go with a different route) so she didn't need to take exam. But yes you can choose a date for your exam but still depends with the embassy if they are fully booked. So u better ask for the earliest date first

Hi everyone,

I have 2 questions regarding the collection of MVV.

1. I have requested the MVV visa collection embassy as New Delhi (India) for my wife's dependent visa. However, is it possible to change the collection location to Mumbai (India) once the visa is approved?

2. Is it possible to visit the embassy immediately (in 1 or 2 days) to submit the passport once the visa approval is received? or is there any waiting period to submit the passport for MVV stamping?

Could someone help me with any information possible?

Thank you.


1. I have requested the MVV visa collection embassy as New Delhi (India) for my wife's dependent visa. However, is it possible to change the collection location to Mumbai (India) once the visa is approved?

There's nothing is 100% in this regards but I assume they provided you or her with a ticket in which can be handed to an express mail company as FedEx or UPS etc for pick and delivery.

2. Is it possible to visit the embassy immediately (in 1 or 2 days) to submit the passport once the visa approval is received? or is there any waiting period to submit the passport for MVV stamping?

Once you get the IND approval letter you can arrange an appointment right away to hand-in the passport but the 10-15 working days waiting is a solid element if India is not the regional office.
But if it is then you might collect on same or next day.

Good luck


Thank you for the info. This helps.


Hi guys. What is the website to check the process of the application using the V number?? Thank you

I took my Civic integration exam September20 in Rome and I got results November 6weeks after, we forwarded documents feb8 for our mvv, and receive confirmation of payments and date of the decision after a week. Team Den Bosch 7 handles our paper...my partner received phone call from the team March 12, we thought we had the result..but we were informed about:

1.Requesting copy of my partners payslip year 2017 last 6mons of employment...as he transfer new company and start working with new company June and made the contract available October for one year

2. Requesting copy of my residency card..my residency card expires January 2018, and made it to renew my residency in the same month but the decision of the release will take 3mons of my residency card so we forwarded the temporary residence permit. By the way ik ben en Filippijn living and working in Malta. My residency card was received from government of Malta last February.

We forward the needed documents on the same date March 12 to the IND Team Den Bosch 7, and they confirmed 3days after and informing us that the Senior will review the documents.

Until now we are still waiting...and hoping for the best.

I think there's no site where you can check the status of your application. If you applied in less than 90 days more things may still happen. Succes 😊

Thank you. We are waiting for the positive result from the IND. :D Fingers crossed. Sooner rather than later it will happen! :) Good luck to all those who are waiting and wishing <3

Hi there..
how was the exam? I am planning to take it by June or July here in dubai. Been reviewing and doing self study.

The exam is fine 😊 you can do it for sure. Kns en spreek are easier than lees.

We had our YES from IND March 29...through postal mailing...


Hoping for the best for everyone..

Congrats!! :) When did you apply? How long was the wait?

Feb8 we forward through post to IND, 50days waiting team den Bosch 7... we actually received feedback after 3weeks but unfortunately we have documents to submit for further evaluation of income of my partner and my residency here in Malta...as I am a Filipino..

Hello.. where are you in Dubai? I’m living here as well. I already took the exam there and passed all the parts with flying colors. Now I’m waiting for the positive results from the IND. My boyfriend applied on March 19.

Congratulations to everyone who got their MVVs :)

Hoi mensen! Someone  with Zwolle Team 4 experiences ???? ^^

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