What are your MVV experiences?

The exam is fine 😊 you can do it for sure. Kns en spreek are easier than lees.

We had our YES from IND March 29...through postal mailing...


Hoping for the best for everyone..

Congrats!! :) When did you apply? How long was the wait?

Feb8 we forward through post to IND, 50days waiting team den Bosch 7... we actually received feedback after 3weeks but unfortunately we have documents to submit for further evaluation of income of my partner and my residency here in Malta...as I am a Filipino..

Hello.. where are you in Dubai? I'm living here as well. I already took the exam there and passed all the parts with flying colors. Now I'm waiting for the positive results from the IND. My boyfriend applied on March 19.

Congratulations to everyone who got their MVVs :)

Hoi mensen! Someone  with Zwolle Team 4 experiences ???? ^^

First our application was handled by zwolle team 4 and last 12 March my partner got a call from ind and ask to submit one page from the form and the next day we have a yes from zwolle 1. I see it often that most applicants from zwolle 4 has been moved to another team and it goes fast. But anyway, goodluck

Hi. Mine was handled by Zwolle Team 5.
They took almost 90 days before they gave us a decision. :)

Me and my parter filed the application through our lawyer on 27th Feb 2018. Waiting for the positive news :)

For sure you will have it soon. 😊 we applied last 12 February and we have a YES 13 March. From zwolle 4 and we have a yes from zwolle 1. Suc6

thats fast :) Mine is handled by our Lawyer and the Team is Den Bosch. We applied on 27th Feb, got the letter to make the payment on 4th Mar and got no news after. Maybe our lawyer has.. Will check with her. Thanks

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick question to those who have already moved to Holland and received their Residence permit after the MVV.

My question is how long is their Residence permit valid for? is it 5 Years or permanent?



Mine is valid for 5 years. ☺

Valid for 5years, and just wait for the notice for your residency card to be pick-up..

we just apply in 12 march and last monday they ask my gf for some qeustion and some picture as prove for our relation is someone they ask him about that also its just crazy how they make us crazy haha i want to be with my love

It's normal...maybe what you send to them is not enough to describe if how genuine the relationship is... it's easy to say "all the love" but you know there are relationships which are one-sided...just prove it and both of you will be fine...send all the chats, cards, pictures, the first text message, couple likes...

With our apllication, my partner only explained how we met, our pictures together, all of our flight tickets and hotel bookings. We didn't include any single shot of our conversation

I guess it depends...

All we send it was like picture of me and gf and also with my whole family and we send also passport stamps and she come yo  see me in 3 years like 10 times so i hope they just consider that

Hi people, I have the YES!!!!!!! I'm gonna pick up the mvv and see you netherlands before kings day!!!!! Jepakeeeeeeeee


Thanks for your response.

Please could you tell me what is the purpose of your visa? I mean are you married to your dutch partner or Registered Partnership?


Thanks for your response.

I have the same question to you as well,
Please could you tell me what is the purpose of your visa? I mean are you married to your dutch partner or in Registered Partnership?

I'm not married with my dutch partner or joined cohabitation or registered partnership... I'm single and his single.

MVV-Familie-Live with partner...

Live with partner is an exclusive relationship between two people recognized that they are in relationship...living together with dutch partner his or her address...anyway that's how I see it...


Yeah I know about the various conditions apply towards the MVV Family visa. I just wasn't sure about the validity of the residence permit, however I did got my answer from the official IND website.

Thanks for your help.


We got an email from the IND asking for more information .. salary slips, bank statements, registration from the municipal as he was working in Taiwan for a year and back in Netherlands now.

Hello guys! We received a yes yesterday. Our application took only 18 days from Den Haag Team 3. Veel succes to everyone.☺️

We got a yes yesterday from Den Haag Team 3. Our application took only 18 days.
I can finally be with my Dutchie ☺️.
Good luck to everyone.

People Hi! I have a question, When you make an appointment to get your Mvv with the Dutch embassy... Do you need to bring your certificate of unmarried with the translation ? ( I have the original of unmarried,  but the original translation is in Netherlands with my boyfriend ) or Can I bring The copy of the translation? ( Scanner )

Sorry, I wasn't focus on reading I thought it's the appointment for taking the exam.

When you received the IND decision, there's a complete list of documents to bring... bring the originals and make copies of it... when you're papers are ready... inform the embassy of what steps to be done..since not all embassies are the same or available... if you contact them they will give you a link for your appointment and instructions.

My instructions are based from Embassy of NL in Rome, Italy.

I just took the Basic Integration Exam in Paris yesterday. I think I did fine but I dont want to be over confident so still crossing my fingers. How quickly did you got your results?

5weeks and 6days for me... taken in Rome..

Mine only 4 weeks and 4 days. Taken in Dubai.

Mine, 3 weeks and 2 days taken in South Korea.

Hope you'll hear a positive result soon. ☺

I got mine in 5 weeks. Did my exam at the Dutch Embassy in SriLanka on 6th December 2017 and got the result on 10th January 2018. Goodluck :)

I am now eagerly waiting for the IND response. Applied for my MVV on 27th February 2018. A week ago our lawyer got an email asking for additional documents of my partner as he was working away from Netherlands. (Registration from the Municipal, Salary slips and IND wanted to check if he have done the taxes accordingly). Our lawyer have submitted all the documents now. Fingers crossed!!! Cant wait for the good news!!! :D

Hello Everyone,

I am soon going to move to Netherlands. As far I know I have to make an appointment at IND to have the residence permit in hand, however while booking an appointment they require me to have V-Number and BSN Number.
I am confused how can i ask for BSN number from Gemeente when i do not have the residence permit in hand!

can anyone who has already moved to Netherlands explain the process?


Hello and congratulations!

As far as I can remember when we went to get my residence card from IND, I didn't present my BSN number yet because I wasn't registered yet, and we didn't make an appointment when we picked-up my residence card. As long as you have the letter the IND sent you when your residence card is ready it is alright.

Good luck!


I just arrived here in NL mid- March. Based on my experience, everything that you must do after you receive your MVV is to get here in NL then thru mail you and partner will be informed of what you must do first and so on.

In my experience, here are the things that I did: (w/ my husband)

1st, I went to the town hall to apply for my BSN basically, this is for the registration of my residence. Submitted my passport w/ mvv, original/authenticated docs birth cert, marriage cert etc. (As far as I know, online appointment in city hall is required) Then, on that same day I was given a BSN. They made it official thru a letter w/c they sent via mail along my docs.

My residence permit was already made available even before I arrived here in NL. Just have waited for the official letter from IND that it is ready to pick up. (THEN I MADE AN APPOINTMENT when to claim 😉) So got mine within a week or 2 after I arrived.

So, I hope this will enlighten you atleast. I just dunno if we do have the same situation or purpose for mvv coz maybe it depends on the case or the city hall. But with me, its like whenever there's a mail from IND or Govt. we just followed it thru. So better check your mailbox always. 😁


I will be moving in Netherlands this week and my residence permit is ready to pick up since april 7. And I ask my partner to clarify things with IND on which things we need to do first. They said I can pick up my residence permit first then after that register at the gemeente.  Just live it blank with bsn as you still dont have it. You can proceed to your appointment. ☺