British guy possibly going for a job in Jeddah looking for tips!

Hi everyone.

I am currently in full time employment in the U.K. 
I have had initial contact from a recruiter who likes me for an engineering role on C130 Hercules aircraft in Jeddah.
The money on offer is very attractive and I'm told accommodation, travel and expenses are on top of this figure. It is 3 times what I'm earning a month here in the U.K. 
However, it is only a short guaranteed contract at "2 months, possibly longer". This means I would have to take 2 months unpaid leave from my current job.

So I guess my first questions to you guys out there are; how easy is it to get money earned out in KSA back to the U.K.? As I'd need to get the money back to my wife for our rent/bills/etc.  How does it work being tax free? Do you see all the money you're paid or are there hidden fees?

Thanks in advance.


Hello. Salaries are tax free in KSA. you can easily transfer money. Only problems for western is that lifestyle here is totally different.

Hello. Thank you for your reply.
I think the lifestyle and culture won't be too much of a problem for me for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, it's only a short contract so I think I can get my head down and just work through.
Secondly, I have spent some time with Middle Eastern people in Doha Qatar and understand some of the Muslim traditions.

If you get the accomodation in a compound then you will not be feeling much difference from other middle estern countries.

Hi Kevin,

Good luck - I think its very different to Qatar and Dubai - my advice is be patient. Bring family along also as life here for bachelors is very dry. PM me if you have questions.



As it is only a short contract, you mentioned 2 months, I'm not sure how easy it would be to transfer money back. To open a bank account you need a residents permit. Guess you may be able do it through western union using your passport.

Also as you won't be declaring yourself as a non resident in the UK, legally you will be liable to pay tax on the money you've earnt when you get back.

Hello man
firstly welcome in saudi arabia

any problem just contact me and I’ll help

Hey Man,

here is a list of tips and answers to your questions, (btw am also new here but with similar conditions )

-Money Transfer is easily through western union and that will be for 1 month only the 2nd month will be will take the cash with you since you are leaving after 2 months.

-culture: I also lived in Doha and i can tell you it's extremely different, for example : singles has a separate seating in restaurants, nothing to be scared of, you will survive :D

-accommodation, most probably you will be staying in hotel or hotel apt., if not then just make sure they provide you an accommodation with in gated compound.

- Transportation: you can rent a car or use Uber to move around, don't go through the normal taxi it's too bad.

-Alcohol: just in case you don't know KSA is a dry county 

-Entry Visa: you need to make sure about your Visa type, if you are coming on a commercial Visa this means you will have to leave the country every 30 days even for a weekend and then come back,  and in this case you wont need to use western union. Tip, leave on the 28th day not need to wait for the last day just be secured if you missed the flight or any.

last but not least, we could catch up when you are here as there is not much to be done in Jeddah.

Mo Ayyad

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