Looking for a studio in Salmiya, Hawali or Jabriya

Hi guys,
I'm new in kuwait. I presently stay in a hotel provider by my company. I need a studio apartment in either Salmiya, Hawali or Jabriya. My budget is 180kd monthly. Any useful information will be appreciated


Here is the useful info: you won't find it for that kind of money. *Maybe* a shared apartment, but even that is a stretch.

Thanks Ribosom for your response. I can do up to 200kd. My office is at Kuwait city. Do you have any suggestion on the area I could stay not too far from Kuwait city for my budget. Note I can do 200kd but not shared apartment.

I don't think you can find anything for less that 250 anywhere near the city. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong.

Thanks Ribosom. Yea i'm hoping so too :)

JAbriya, i happen to know for a fact there are studios there for around 150-170.

I love when someone proves me wrong, especially when it is in someone's favor! :)

Thanks Legacy. I'll go browse about it right away. By the way, I'm your big fan. I always followed your posts right from Nigeria before I came to Kuwait. Your posts are always amazing and useful man.

I have flat in salmiyah 
you can take room share with me beside sea side
the rent will be 150 kd

I have sharing in salmiyah but I do not smoke bowls or shisha
if you are interested call me

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Thanks. You mean to share a room or I will have a separate room?

I have both 
you can share room or have separate room

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