PHCC Health Coach post

Hello everyone,

I have recently got an offer as a (health coach) from PHCC Qatar with a basic salary 8,300 QAR + family accommodation + 1850 QAR / month, covering electricity & water & transportation. The basic salary is too low for me as the years of experiences of 12 years + the managerial level I have as an experience for 10 years + I have a baby girl who will need a nanny, so thats a 3000 QAR /month !!
I tried negotiating with the HR department after the agent gave me weak chances of them accepting a raise for me !
But no use !
Note: I am also a dietitian, and I hold 2 different bachelors in both fields with over 12 years experience.

Can somebody tell me what should I be receiving approximately ?
plus, do they have a nursery inside their centers to put my daughter in, instead of giving to to the nanny.

Just seems a little low, from an outsider's perspective, given the degrees you hold! I'm in no position to comment on behalf of the PHCC, simply comparing to general private sector averages...

I trust you will find something suitable! Have you tried the private healthcare sector?

Good luck!

Hi Tuanaj,
I got the same offer and they send me the offer letter. Am worried about school. As they told me that they don't pay for education. I got grade 110 and don't have any idea about what the accommodation looks like... hope some one help us

Thank you Mr.Wynand.

Actually I didn't yet apply for the private sector ?
I thought the governmental sectors salaries & their benefits are better than the private sectors !

Do you have an idea about transportation fees (if I used taxi's in Qatar ?). or is renting a car would be much better for saving up ?

Good luck your self, as you have moved to QATAR recently.   & wishing you would find the perfect accommodation for you & your wife very soon  :)

Hello Rasha,

All my readings about the governmental sectors in Qatar are paying more + Qatar is now supposedly the highest in salaries as in the latest survives anput Gulf Region Economy !

As for the accommodation, which I also asked about for families, I've been told that it's a (PHCC Compund accommodation).

Note: You cannot take a permit visa for your husband as I read !    It's only possible the other way around, meaning your husband can take a visa for you  :(((.   Typical Middle Eastrn mentality !!

Are you a dietitian too ?   And health coach ?
How long is your experience ?
And how long did they take to send you the offer letter ?
And one last question, according to what did you get your grade from PHCC ?

Hi Tuanaj,

I'm sure that it would be better, initially at least, to use public transport. There is a bus service, which would probably be the cheapest, followed by taxis. I think it would all depend on what your requirements are. There are many relatively good cheap used vehicles around and you could get a bank loan, as soon as you have a bank account and residents permit...

Hi Tuanaj
Yes am a dietitian since 6 years am an awner of a clinic, and i have passed 2 years pharmacy also. I got the job offer through a consultancy and i cleared the interview and then send my full documents after less than 2 weeks i got the offer letter which specify the grade, salary and benefits...
The consultant told me that once i get my visa i can directly apply for my family for visit visa and they'll relocate with me from the first day.
What about u have u got ur offer letter?
Wishing u all the luck

I see Mr.Wynandd,
Well, I don't think the public transportations in Gulf Region are neat & systematic like in our countries. At least that's what I saw when I was working in KSA, besides its used by labors mostly :/

I think I would go for the most convenient regarding this subject when I get there, that's if all went ok.

Thank you again so much :)

That's great :)
Well I passed the interview as well, but took some time to send my documents, cause I didn't like the salary through the agency in which sent it to me, as in your case.
I  just submitted my documents recently.
So I will be receiving the offer within 2 weeks as you said.

Did they mention anything about yearly increments ?   

Thank you so much & best of luck to you too Rasha. :)

No they didn't mention any thing about yearly incrememts. They said its a 3 years contract with 3 months probation period.
I feel that u r hesitated about accepting the job. To tell u the truth i don't have a wide idea about living in qatar and if this salary is quite good or its low.
Do u have any idea about how much time the visa might take especially that ramadan begins at 27 may.
I hope that my husband would find a job early.

Good Day Rasha,

Well to be honest yes I am hesitated, unless they can upgrade the salary.

I think mostly since they afford the accomodation & your husband will be working as well - insallah soon - that amount is great in addition to the extra fee for transportation & others as they mentioned = 9550 QAR
Unlike the case on my side, I will have to afford everything alone to my child.

As for the visa, I have no idea, but what I know from living in KSA, in Gulf when Ramadan comes, everything slows down big time !     

Let's hope for the best for both of us :)

Dear, what grade they mention?