Terminate application of job Hmc qatar

Can i ask if anyone like my status... I accept the offer from hamd hospital and the status of my application changed to Credentialing.. After 3 days send me email that my status changed to Terminate Application.
What that means can anyone help me?

same Status, i had my interview last year and sent some documents, i got accepted and now "terminate application"... hope someone can help us, i'm waiting for almost one year


Regarding your post on termination application. Did they not really hire you. Please if you could respond on my message because I face the same situation now. I resigned and for exit now. But suddenly the portal mention Termination.

Send me your details on my whatsapp for quick reply of your inquiry.
My whatsapp is.
Also mention your name here as I don't reply any unknown no.

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What was the last progress from their end? Why were you kept on hold for long time?
Did they tell you anything about your visa approval status or anything you want to ahare the full process please. What steps you went through till this latest status!!

The visa was applied and I have the entry permit,they are just waiting for my attestation.But I did explain my part due to covid-19.The process was slow and I told them also that my company will released me after Dec31 when they advised me to resigned. The visa still active until April.I dont know really.I sent them email but no response yet.

Okay. Did you get all things attested from concerned authorities?

One more thing, is HMC a government organization or any private sector?

What is your status now friend?

I send them multiple email but no response. Did they also mention to you terminate application in your website even though you have already visa?

I send you a message too Rebecca

Any update yet. We are in the same situation.

I replied you.

Good evening

Any body have connected from HMC  to go through onboarding process

@rizzamae Any updates?

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