HMC Offer 2019

Hi All,

Looking for a few answers...

I was interviewed (2 rounds of technical - OCT'18, NOV'18) for HMC IT dept for grade 113 Specialist. Then last week I received a mail that I am selected but it said that I was selected for 112.

HR says that position for 113 is filled so they are offering 112 Analyst.

But from a different source, I came to know that due to IT funding constraints they are not offering 113 to anyone in IT who were interviewed recently.

Not sure which is true? Any idea?

Hi SKL2013 - I was interviewed by HMC in Nov 2018 and was informed to be selected by the agency on next week itself for the HICT specialist role. I received the pre-offer for G-03 which the hr said that its same as G-113. I asked for revisions on few areas of accommodation etc and now awaiting for 10+ days for an update. So further there has been no updates.

Hi, I was also interviewed for HICT 113 Specialist (EA) and in pre-offer they saying G-05..So I said NO to them. They did some goofup.....Because G05 is HICT110/111 level and payscale was low. Below what I make here. This new grade system has no education or other allowances.