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Updated 2018-07-10 14:00

Qatar is an increasingly popular destination to do an internship for those wishing for a truly global career. Its truly multinational workforce and strong economy hold promise for ambitious and hungry graduates looking to build their career with valuable experience.

If you dream of acquiring professional experience in a Gulf country, Qatar can be the ideal destination for you. Increasing numbers of major multinational companies have set up in the country and economic growth is strong and stable, ensuring opportunities for interns to gain valuable experience. If offered a paid internship, you will also be entitled to a higher salary than that offered in many other countries, although this can be offset by the high cost of living.

Good to know:

Qatar ranks third globally in terms of production and export of natural and liquefied gas which are its main economic pillars. Internships will generally take place over the summer, as they are primarily geared towards university students.


To become an intern in Qatar, you will need a work and residence permit. In general, your employer or sponsor should handle related formalities on your behalf with the Ministry of Interior.

Note that a good knowledge of Arabic and English will be a tremendous asset. Hence, consider taking language classes before starting your internship search.

Labour market

There are a number of major companies that offer some form of internship programme, including major banks, telecom companies, aerospace, and oil and gas. However, an increasing number are open to Qatari nationals only. There are still opportunities for internships for university students of other nationalities, both paid and unpaid. For example, Qatar Airways is a company with over 40,000 staff and a flagship Qatari brand. Qatar Foundation also run a number of major projects and are major employers. Both are excellent starting points for internships in a range of different areas.

Find an internship

If you're already studying in a Qatari university, staff can help you find an internship and provide you with the most updated information. The Student's Union will be able to provide support services for this. Otherwise, you can start your search on the internet thanks to numerous specialized job and internship websites where you can even post your resume.

Satellite campuses for a number of major UK and US universities also exist in Qatar. These include University College London, Georgetown, Cornell, Virginia Tech, and College of the North Atlantic. It may be worth enquiring with their campuses in Qatar and in your home country to see if there are links already in place and internships advertised internally.

Networking can also be a very useful research tool. In fact, if you have friends and contacts in the country, you will have more chances of finding an internship within your field of expertise. Speculative enquiries can also be effective and you can create a possible position for yourself with the right research and salesmanship.

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