Working in Doha

Working in Doha
Updated 2019-12-06 14:03

Over the years, Qatar has fully developed its economy, which today attracts expatriates from around the world. More and more foreign professionals are looking to boost their career in Doha thanks to the number of opportunities available in various fields.

The country's impressive development impressed global investors who now contribute significantly to its economy. These investments have opened a tremendous gateway to different jobs, from facilities and services to information and communication technology.

The most promising fields in Doha

Qatar has always been known as one of the world's largest and most active petroleum-based economies. The country keeps employing individuals having skills that are relevant to the oil industry -from safety engineers to petrochemical engineers, as well as business consultants. Even though salaries are not that competitive due to recent challenges faced by oil companies, workers' demands seem to have been met.

In recent years, the country has been focusing more on technology as the government wanted to be recognised as one of the smartest cities in the Middle East. Hence, those having a background in information technology, computer science, graphic design/illustration, web developers and other relevant skills are likely to find a job. In these fields, salaries usually range from 5,000QR up to 15,000QR depending on your experience.

The hospitality sector plays a significant role in economic growth. Both the government and private institutions are continuously looking for candidates to fill in the following positions for tourism and leisure: HR managers, hotel managers, bartenders, hotel and restaurant service crew and supervisors, cleaning staff, cooks and chefs, etc. The basic salary for hospitality personnel depends on the position and experience they hold. In general, these range from 4,000QR to 8,000QR (supervisor/manager position) depending on the scale of the business they are employed in.

In past years, Doha has also become a major player in shaping the national economy. Many companies have been hiring employees coming from Europe and other Western countries to work as project managers. Salaries offered for consultancy positions are lucrative as well, even though the accurate income record is not meant to be divulged in public. In general, you can expect a minimum of 15,000QR for positions in marketing, supply chain management and consultancy, depending on the company and your experience.

Doha is open for freelance visa holders as well. While income may not be consistently viable, many companies prefer to outsource individuals with skills they need for a project for a definite period. Some of these positions are SEO marketing, photographers, videographers, part-time nannies, cleaners, hostesses, models and product promoters.

Alternative jobs in Doha

If you are new to Doha and don't have any of the backgrounds mentioned above, you can still try your luck with the following positions: sales, mall management, beauty and spa, construction, cashiers, domestic helpers and cleaning services. The minimum wage in these fields starts from 1,500QR up to 4,500QR. The plus side is that for these types of positions, accommodation and transportation is usually provided by employers as per the Qatar Labour Law.

Practical jobs such as flight attendants, nursing, engineering, administration managers, accountants, bank tellers, architects, medical doctors and teachers are always on the offer. Salaries range from a minimum of 4,000-6000QR to much more, depending on your speciality.

How to look for a job in Doha

Doha is open for both regional and international job mobility. The newly opened Qatar Visa Centre in the Philippines, for example, has shown wider opportunities for Philippine migrants who wished to work in Qatar legally. The agency is also available in some parts in Asia such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India. People coming from these countries can coordinate with their local employment agencies. In some cases, an expatriate can acquire a position in a Qatari company through recommendations or company partnership. Companies might transfer them to Qatar and obtain a job contract for a year or more.

For those who are brave enough to take the risk of local hiring, you may check the following agencies and companies that gradually hire staff for different positions. However, keep in mind that visa requirements may change upon government requisition.

Al Noof Recruitment - 974 44425869

Manila Manpower Recruitment - 974 4442 3982

Overseas Manpower Recruitment - 974 33286417

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