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Fixed-term contract
Added on 15/02/2024
USD 400
Everything you need to know to work in Doha
Working in Doha
Over the years, Qatar has fully developed its economy, which today attracts expatriates from around the world. More and more foreign professionals are looking to boost their careers in Doha thanks to the number of opportunities available in various fields. The country's impressive development impressed global investors, who now contribute significantly to its economy. These investments have opened a tremendous gateway to different jobs, from facilities and services to information and communication technology.
The labor market in Doha
Doha, the vibrant capital city of Qatar, is renowned for its thriving economy, rapid development, and abundant opportunities. As an expatriate or a job seeker considering a career move to Doha, understanding the dynamics of the local labor market is essential to make informed decisions and thriving in your career.
Internships in Qatar
If you dream of acquiring professional experience in a Gulf country, Qatar can be the ideal destination for you. Increasing numbers of major multinational companies have been set up in the country, and economic growth is strong and stable, ensuring opportunities for interns to gain valuable experience. If offered a paid internship, you will also be entitled to a higher salary than that offered in many other countries, although this can be offset by the high cost of living.
Setting up a business in Qatar
Are you tempted by a new professional adventure in Qatar? Setting up a business in Qatar is possible for foreigners, provided they comply with certain regulations and complete the necessary formalities. Qatar is becoming more open to foreign investment partners, but there are still strict rules presiding over them. However, many international firms, as well as small and medium enterprises, have successfully been set up there despite the restrictions.
The labor market in Qatar
The labor market in Qatar is built on several core industries, namely gas and oil. However, despite the current embargo, Qatar has a thriving economy and is becoming a choice destination for expatriates. Consequently, many new immigrants are moving to Qatar, and their number is ever-rising.
Working in Qatar
Are you looking to advance your career and explore new opportunities in Qatar? With its booming economy, diverse industries, and thriving job market, Qatar is a promising destination for professionals seeking exciting job prospects. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, Qatar's job market caters to a wide range of fields, including finance, engineering, healthcare, technology, education, hospitality, and more.
Job candidates in Doha
Dem chef de pertie
Martin kazia mkoma
Permanent contract
Added on 12/06/2024
USD 3000
Added on 09/06/2024
USD 2500
Added on 02/06/2024
Added on 27/05/2024
Added on 18/05/2024
EUR 4200
Hospitality industry waiter
Abinash Raut
Permanent contract
Added on 16/05/2024
USD 2000
Sales advisor/manager
Permanent contract
Added on 14/05/2024
Added on 04/05/2024
inventory manager
snoussi mohamed khalil
Permanent contract
Added on 02/05/2024
EUR 3500
Added on 28/04/2024
USD 5000
Security Officer
Margaret Nyambura
Added on 27/04/2024
Cleaning Supervisor
Florante N. Estilong
Permanent contract
Added on 27/04/2024
QAR 3000
Added on 26/04/2024
EUR 5000
Added on 25/04/2024
USD 10000
Bus driver
anouar zarroug
Added on 20/04/2024
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