Understanding what NOC means

To anyone out there that has been offered a position in the Middle East.

I was asked by a company if I wanted them to supply me with a NOC. Could anyone please tell me what this means?

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HI Peter,

Noc is NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE ,its a kind of Relieving letter from Present Company

Many thanks. Never heard that term before.

NOC is only applicable for those who are working in Qatar and intend to change Employer or a new company located in Qatar. Therefore, a new employer need a NOC from your existing Employer in order for them to proceed with your work permit. Normally,  existing employer will issue after you submit your resignation letter and only if u request. But if the existing employer decline to issue out the NOC due to whatever reason is, then u have no choice but to reject the new offer and move out from qatar within 2-3months.
For those who are not able to get the NOC will be prohibited to work in Qatar for 2 years.

To those that never work in Qatar before and first time getting a job offer to join a company in Qatar are not require NOC. It's not applicable.


Thanks Dan, very clear now.

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Hi, I'm a Civil/QAQC Engineer with 11 years experience in the construction industry. I'm a Nigerian looking for job in Qatar, can anyone help me, please