Transportation in Doha

Updated 2023-06-21 19:46

Getting around Doha is relatively convenient and accessible, with several transportation options available. Here's a guide to getting around the city as an expat.

Taxis in Doha

Taxis are a popular mode of transportation in Doha. You can easily find taxis at designated taxi stands and hotels or by booking through smartphone applications like Karwa or Uber. Karwa taxis are the official taxis in Doha and can be hailed on the street or booked in advance. Uber is also available in Doha, offering an alternative option for transportation.

Taxi fares in Qatar, specifically in Doha, are regulated by the government and are generally considered reasonable. They operate on a metered fare system. The fares are calculated based on a combination of distance traveled and time taken. The initial charge when you board a taxi is typically around QAR 4.00 to QAR 5.00, depending on the time of day and the type of taxi. The fare per kilometer is usually between QAR 1.20 and QAR 2.20. The exact rate may vary slightly among different taxi companies. However, extra charges may apply for services such as airport pickups or drop-offs, using a taxi during peak hours, or traveling outside of the city limits. For instance, if the taxi is stationary or stuck in traffic, there may be an additional charge for waiting time. This charge is usually calculated per minute.

Good to know:

It's customary to tip the taxi driver in Qatar, although it is not mandatory. A tip of around 10% of the fare is generally appreciated.

Doha Metro

Doha has a modern and efficient metro system, which is a convenient way to travel around the city. The Doha Metro consists of three lines: Red, Green, and Gold. It connects major areas, including Hamad International Airport, West Bay, Education City, and Al Wakrah. The metro operates from early morning until midnight, and fares can be paid using reusable travel cards. These cards are available for purchase at metro stations, and you can choose between two types: Standard Travel Cards and Limited Use Travel Cards.

Once you have a travel card, you need to load it with credit before you can use it to pay for metro rides. You can top up your travel card at self-service machines located at metro stations or at designated retail outlets. When entering and exiting the metro stations, you need to tap your travel card on the card reader located at the fare gates. This process deducts the appropriate fare for your journey from the loaded credit on your travel card.

The Doha Metro uses a zone-based fare system, where the fare is determined by the number of zones you travel through. The fare is calculated automatically when you tap your travel card. Doha Metro fares are based on a zone system, with fares varying depending on the number of zones traveled. The fare structure is as follows:

  • Standard Single Journey: The fare for a single journey within 3 zones is 2 QAR. For each additional zone beyond the initial 3, an additional 2 QAR is charged.
  • Day Pass: The day pass allows unlimited travel on the metro for a single day. The cost is 6 QAR.
  • Gold Club Single Journey: The Gold Club is a premium class offering more comfortable seating and exclusive amenities. The fare for a single journey within 3 zones in Gold Club is 10 QAR. Additional zones beyond the initial 3 are charged at an additional 2 QAR per zone.

Additionally, there are Gold Club tickets available for those who wish to travel in the premium Gold Club cabins. These tickets come with additional amenities and a higher fare.

Good to know:

These fares are subject to change, and there may be different fare options and promotions available.

Buses in Doha

The Mowasalat bus system, known as Karwa, operates throughout Doha and connects various neighborhoods. Buses are an affordable mode of transportation, but the routes and schedules may vary. It's advisable to check the bus routes and timings in advance. Karwa buses are air-conditioned.

Similar to the Doha Metro, you will need a reusable travel card to pay for your bus fare. These travel cards can be purchased at Karwa bus stations or authorized retail outlets. Once you have a travel card, you need to load it with credit. You can do this at Karwa bus stations or designated retail outlets. The credit can be used to pay for multiple bus rides.

When boarding a Karwa bus, you need to tap your travel card on the card reader located near the entrance of the bus. This deducts the appropriate fare from the loaded credit on your travel card. Karwa bus fares are distance-based, meaning the fare increases with the distance traveled.

Car rental in Doha

To rent a car in Doha, there are a few requirements and considerations to keep in mind. The minimum age requirement for renting a car in Doha is typically 21 years old. However, some car rental companies may have a higher minimum age requirement, such as 25 years old. Additionally, drivers under 25 years old may be subject to young driver surcharges.

You will need a valid driver's license from your home country or an International Driving Permit (IDP) to rent a car in Doha. It's important to ensure that your driver's license is in English or Arabic or you have a certified translation available. You will also need to present a valid passport and provide identification details when renting a car in Doha.

Car rental fees can vary depending on factors such as the car type, rental duration, and the rental company. It's advisable to compare prices and read the terms and conditions of different rental companies to understand the fees and charges involved. Some common fees to consider include the daily or weekly rental rate, insurance coverage, fuel policy, and any additional charges for extras like GPS or child seats.

There are several well-known car rental companies in Doha, including:

It's recommended to visit the websites of these rental companies to check availability, compare prices, and make reservations in advance. Remember to review the rental terms, insurance coverage, and any additional fees associated with renting a car in Doha.

Limousine services in Doha

Limousine services in Doha offer a premium and luxurious mode of transportation for individuals and groups. They can be booked for various purposes, including airport transfers, city tours, special events, and corporate travel through various service providers. Some of the popular options include:

Some local car rental companies in Doha also provide limousine services. These companies may have their own dedicated limousine fleets or partner with luxury car rental providers.

The prices for limousine services in Doha can vary depending on factors such as the type of vehicle, duration of service, distance traveled, and any additional amenities or services requested. It's recommended to contact the service providers directly or visit their websites to inquire about pricing and obtain a quote based on your specific requirements. To give you a rough estimate, the starting price for a basic limousine service in Doha can range from around QAR 250 to QAR 500 per hour.

Cycling in Doha

Doha has been investing in promoting cycling as a means of transportation and recreation. The city has developed cycling tracks and has introduced bike-sharing services, such as "Doha Bikes," where you can rent bicycles for short journeys.

The conditions for renting a bike from Doha Bikes:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You must have a valid ID.
  • You must pay a rental fee.

The fares for renting a bike from Doha Bikes are as follows:

  • Single trip: QR 5 for the first 30 minutes and QR 2 for each additional 30 minutes.
  • Day pass: QR 20 for unlimited rides for 24 hours.
  • Monthly pass: QR 90 for unlimited rides for 30 days.

You can rent a bike from any of the Doha Bikes stations. To rent a bike, you will need to create an account and scan your QR code at the station. When you are finished with your ride, you must return the bike to any station.

Walking around Doha

Depending on the distance and weather conditions, walking can be a pleasant option for getting around certain areas of Doha, especially in pedestrian-friendly zones and promenades like the Corniche or The Pearl-Qatar.

It's worth noting that Doha can experience heavy traffic during peak hours, so it's advisable to plan your journeys accordingly. Also, be aware of the local traffic rules and regulations, and respect parking restrictions.

Using a combination of these transportation options based on your needs and preferences will allow you to navigate Doha conveniently and explore the city's various attractions, neighborhoods, and amenities.

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