HMC Grade 110 Contract

I finally got the contract from HMC, grade 110:
- My basic salary xxxxxx and transport 1250
- Accommodation provided but not specified of single or family.
- Flights and luggage provided.
Don't you think its not much?
also they missed on mentioning Signing bonus, relocation bonus, furniture expenses, health care, end of service bonus...
What would you recommend I respond to HR?

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Reason : message edited - as per Hmc law sharing the basic salary is prohibited!

I am surprised, the salary is too low for a dentist. And if you leave out the housing as per grade 110 is 5000 per month. In 5000 riyals it's not so easy to find a family accommodation. And you should ask Hmc what other allowances are included after the basic. Please negotiate

And please don't not disclose the basic salary it's by law confidence from Hmc. Usually We share only the allowance and furniture etc etc on not the basic.

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Im  a dental assistant not a dentist. sorry I didn't know nor informed I cant share the salary info. I cant edit that now, right?

any idea the difference between grade 108 and grade 08? benefits ? allowances ?

@Avillon hey i saw your old post . i got this same package now  i got this offer letter  how is it did u do this job or not?