Recruitment process in Hamad General Hospital for Admin

hi all, I just have some questions to those people who had been hired or waiting for the recruitment process in Hamad Gen. Hosp... I was interviewed last June, locally here in qatar, im husband sponsor, after a week I received an email from them & luckily I was considered for the position in Admin & told me the hr will contact me for my recruitment. After 2 months, Aug. the HR contacted me & ask for some documents to formalized my recruitment, and now its Oct., im still waiting for the HR for their another email for the status of my recruitment process or for a job offer, i kept on sending emails for follow up to them but there's no reply.
My questions are, how long does it take for the recruitment process in Hamad? The HR will ever don't mind to reply for  following up for the status of recruitment? how long do i need to wait for this, do you have some idea? its been 4 months already since my acceptance & interview has been made.

Please refer to the below mentioned links

these links you gave didn't answer my questions. but thanks anyway,.

Wilson are you working in hmc? u have idea for the recruitment process,? after the hr requested my other documents, what will be the next step? thanks

After submitting the documents keep following up with the HR DEPT.

i just received my employment offer this week & submitted the other documents. i thought once I received the job offer i can start as soon as possible, but not yet, hr told me to wait for the cid and medical then once they received it I'll do those process... so there's a lot of process for a locally hired, after the cid and medical what else ?whats the next step?

@krisch Can you please send the HR email of Hamad? I'm unable to submit my CV and application due to errors on the website.