Offer letter from HMC

I have done with my interview by first week of February 18 and got to know  by next week that I was selected for the position of CRC.However when I contacted HR they have told it has been send for compensation and once that part is done you will receive the offer letter.
Does anybody know how long the HR will take for approval of compensation.


I  submitted my all documents through agency.
Agency told me application submitted to the hospital their are waiting for the feedback from the hospital.
How long it will take time for the interview call??
My application submitted 1 1/2 month before

for which position you have applied for?

i applied optometrist

Usually how long take time after the application
Any new hospital going to open in HMC
How to contact HR

For HMC it is a time consuming process.once you are short listed they will call for the interview and again for onboarding it may take another 5 to 7 months


i applied through agency not directly.
I send all documents like experience certificate, salary certificate, recommendation letter also and passport copy.

i dont know they will select me or not.

Agency told me application send to the hospital for the verification to eligible to work in qatar.
What verification they will do??

I am not sure about it

thank u

i have one doubt before interview call i submitted all the certificate (Education, expereience & salary certificate, recommendation letter) to the agency.
Usually after the interview selection only we have to send the documents na.
Why they asked to send before the interview all the certificate. That means shortlist for my position.
Any idea about this.

Hello praks may I knpw agency to apply job . I wanttake help for apply mysrlf too

Global medical recuritment

Full address give me yaar. Where is it in qatar or out of qatar?

I am also in same situation , would like to know how many months it takes for the onboarding ?

I have received offer letter but it mentions I am in waiting pool.. Waht does that mean anyone who gt same...

When did you got interviewed?? And do you have any grade mentioned there ??? It is based on the grade they put you into the list.

Yes i got same offer that they mentioned waiting got any follow up?

May I know where are you from? \if from India, then which state? I was selected in HMC interview few months back.

I am from kerala..