Grade 111 in Hamad Medical Corporation

Hi fellows,
I appreciate all responses from fellows that have experience in HMC.
I got an offer letter from HMC on grade 111 (Information technology job) having a M.Sc. degree and a long experience.
My offer contains:
Type of Contract: Overseas
Basic Salary: ***************
Annual leave: 40 days
Accommodation: Provided.
Transport Allowence: 1250 QAR/month

Many points are not clear in the offer letter:
Is it a family contract or personal contract. (Air tickets and health insurance provided for my family or not?)
"Accommodation provided" does not clarify whether it is for family or for person only.
The basic salary is little from my point of view (less than 10000 QAR/month). Does this salary allow me to get my Family to Qatar

Can anyone who has the information about the benefits and salary ranges for grade 111 to tell me these points.

If I want to negotiate for higher salary and family benefits, Should I contact HMC HR directly or through the recruiting company.
A previous negotiation with HMC took from January to August to get some more benefits. Is it allowed to negotiate another round?

Thanks everyone.

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