PHCC Qatar family medicine interview

Hi everyone in this group
I just joined and wanted to ask if anyone had an interview with PHCC how was it and what questions they ask ?

Thanks a lot


The interview was quite straight forward.

Thee were two GPs on the panel who started with "tell us about yourself".

They then went through a list of prepared clinical scenarios. "Would you give aspirin to all diabetics" "when would you consider insulin in a diabetic". Etc.

Nothing too unexpected.

Good luck!!

Thanks a lot for your reply

I finished the interview and got selected
Different questions asked lol
Mainly emergency and critical decision questions in pregnancy and children's health

I am waiting for the job offer now

Do you know how long does it take for a job offer to be generated ?

Thanks heaps for your reply

Congratulation on the interview.

I got my offer letter within a few days, the letter for some friends took a lot longer -uptob4 weeks, but it was Ramadan then.

I've just today gotten my visa and should be flying out with family in the nexk week. It's all very exciting.

Be in touch if you have any other questions.

Wishing you all the best and hope you have a good and relaxing time in Qatar

Hopefully we meet there at some stage

If I have more questions about the job offer can I contact you ?

Thank you again and all the best


Hey Basel.

I'm happy for you to contact me.

Thanks for the good wishes. No doubt our paths will cross! Keep I touch.

Hi there
I am a Family Physician and expected to have a Interview with PHCC next week.I would appreciate if you can tell me something more about interview: are they looking for emergency physician/urgent care physician or more family practice physician?At the end of the interview are they telling that you are selected or more generic version:will contact you once we have finalsed?
Secondly what are they offering ?

Hi there

The interview was pleasant with 2 female Doctors asking about our work and background experience. Then asked few clinical scenarios including a young lady with anaphylactic shock and how to manage, dementia screening , chickenpox and pregnancy, childhood Imminization.

All should be easy to answer. I still didn't receive any job offers

Regards and all the best

I had my interview and got selected.Just want to know if you got offer and how does it look?

Hey everyone,

     I will just ask if its possible for me to apply as a nurse at PHCC, coz right now im working as a home care nurse here at qatar for 9months and wants to resign but my experienced in my country was 4 years in a Rural Health Unit or same as Primary care..

Thankyou in advance to whom  will answer my question :)


I am a Family physician expecting phcc interview nx about the dependent visa  for a female doctor.roughly how many minutes was Skype there night shifts .whether the place of posting is mentioned in offer letter.

Hi good day all,
I have an interview schedule with PHCC soonest,
Please can anyone share experience about nurse interviews with PHCC?
Thank you

im dr.rajender, family physician from india. I want to attend PHCC interview. Is it good to work in qatar as a family physician? What is salary and other perks?

hi friend,
do you working conditions there? How they treat non arabs? Working hours

Hej and good Day all🌷
I have submitted my application for evaluation, the step before registration to get license as doctor family medicine at PHCC, Qatar. The application was submitted at 17 february 2022 and since this i didn't get any answer or notification from QCHP or registration department.. Is it normal that it takes such long processing  time for evaluation?
Thank you 🙏

You can follow up by email

Hi guys im  a gp from London  and i have interview  coming up shortly..anyone have any ideas on what kind of clinical questions to expect?  Thanks

Hi guys im a gp from London and i have interview coming up shortly..anyone have any ideas on what kind of clinical questions to expect? Thanks

The questions are based on your work experiences. Good luck


I am a pharmacist working in Qatar, want to prepare for interviews in Phcc. can any one help me to understand the interview process in detail.

thank you

Hello Anagha Ambrose,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

When are you supposed to have this interview?

Hopefully, someone on the forum has enough time to assist you and give some useful tips.


Cheryl team

No worries if you are experiences pharmacist then interview questions will be relevant to your job role.   

All the best for your Job interview.

I am a pharmacist working in Qatar, want to prepare for interviews in Phcc. can any one help me to understand the interview process in detail.
thank you
-@Anagha Ambrose

Hi all

I have a got a job as Family medicine specialist in Walk In Clinic in Doha via PHCC. I am a GP in UK. Is there anyone working in these centres to guide me if it's an appropriate job role for a GP.

Thank you