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I have been offered a clinical nurse post n Sidra. Just want to ask what is the status of the hospital whether it is still under construction or nearly finished. I will be working in one of the intensive care unit and is wondering if the unit or wards are already set up.

Which ICU will you be in? I got offered a job in picu (cardiac) a while back. I'm not committed to going yet as there have been so many false starts with an opening date I won't go till I know it's up and running.

Recently got a job as sonographer at Sidra Medical but they could not match salary in Australia. The offer was well below expectation.

oh dear!

Got the offer last Feb as NICU clinical nurse but having second thoughts.. The basic salary is just the same with what I'm earning at the moment plus they changed the benefit status to disappointed..imagine i waited for almost 3 years with only this? I don't know if they will accept negotiation for base salary increase and family status..

I see. You can try asking for married visa that is possible because they are desperate for staff but im not sure wifh salary. The allowance for married viisa will bring the figures up anyway.

I see. Thats not good. You can definitely ask and bargain for a married visa but not sure with salary. The are desperate for staff so let them know you are keen on the job but would like to bring your family to come over with you. Did you apply direct with Sidra or through an agent?

Hi, I am considering  one of the child life specialist positions with Sidra. I was told that only outpatient clinics are open at this time and likely to be that way until next year.  Does anyone know the location of this hospital, is it a long commute from where they situate your accommodations? Big decision!

It is a big decision. It's one of the biggest decision I have made so far. But I'm taking one step at a time and at the moment I am focusing on my prometric exam. I am not sure the location of Sidra but it is in Education City Al Garrafa, Al Rayyan. I was told by my agency that before the year ends they need staff on board. The housing for staff  i think is called Doha Sidra Village. You can google it. Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will try to negotiate re: family visa. I applied direct with Sidra 3 yrs ago and was selected but only last Feb they gave the offer..

I just got an offer as a midwife.Waiting to d I my prometric exam.Has anyone done it and please tell me what to expect. Been studying RN _ NCLEX.

I havent done it but booked to take exam soon.  I was told its similar to nclex exam but not as complicated. Giod luck!

Thanx Mummygrace it would be so nice if we link up so we can talk if you don't mind. I can give you my number xxx

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Sure I dont mind to keep in touch bit we need to abide by the rules. Not sure if there is a private chat here. Anyway i added you as my contact

I think we could send private messages here.

Hi Mummy Grace46
How is the prep going on I have my exam soon. Wishing you all the best.

Hi there. I have been looking at sample questions online but not a lot there. I have seen sone sample tests on youtube under Fundamentals of Nursing All the best and good luck as well

Thanx I have been looking on RNPADIA.COM. com has a lot of samples  too.

Ok tnx will look into that. Hope we pass this exam. Are you moving to Qatar with your

Ya hope I pass I have put in a lot of hours and money.Missing my hubby too cause am always in the library or on computer.
No am going solo!!! My kids are grown up though my baby still needs me ,but sh can manage on her own.My hubby is not interested we moved once from Africa now he is happy here. Its a bold decision.
Ho about you are taking your family?

Yes I am hoping to take them as i have been offered a family visa. I have 3 kids below 12 its complicated esp looking for school place but hopefully everything will be sorted in due time

Yes you will be sorted.You have a visa already that's a big step. I bet the kids are excited.

Thank you dor the kind words. I was hoping we could chat privately but it seems it is disabled on your side.

Hey folk, don't take any housing benefits less than 9000 riyals per month and salary at least 14000

They are offering crap now compared to 3 years ago so if you want to work along side your colleuge who makes twice as much and does half the work...

Thanks for the advice.

Hi mummy grace, im a newly joined staff in sidra , as analyst, and yes i can confirm that the hosp will soon be launch next year, they really are serious in hiring clinical staffs as we have a lot of newly onboarded nurses and physicians in preparation for its launch next year

Accomodation for families are situated just nearby the Hospital itself and they provide a shuttle bus to take you from accomodation to hospital and back. (Though they will deduct you 700-800ryals for that)
The hospital is almost ready and set up , with world class medical equipment.

Hi ma'am, getting school for your kids in Qatar is not a problem in as much u have a standard job. Good luck

I'm also a midwife preparing to relocate to Qatar.  Have you relocated? What is it like working for sidra?

I too am looking at applying and would like to hear from anyone's experiences of working as a midwife in Qatar.


Hi there sorry for the late reply. I did not pursue my application with Sidra for personal reasons.
Are you all set to leave for Qatar?  Where are you from?

Hi there. Sorry for the late reply. I am a nicu nurse. I applied but did not push through with my application for Sidra due to personal reasons
But I know someone who has relocated there last month with her family and she is happy. Just make sure you are happy with the terms in your contract in case you proceed with applying
Good luck!

Hi, hope now you joined in sidra, wanna get some information, have u got family Visa, how is the salary package,  how much monthly u will get, any relocation allowance, how is the work atmosphere, are they paying for the transportation,  how much is kids school fee, I have applied for a clinical nurse in ICU, how was the interview, are they bombard with too many questions, what type of questions asking
Plz give me a clear cut information


How was interview, r u remember what they asked,  I just applied, they just said in the advertisement single benefits, I want take my family with me, are they lots of questions how is the salary package

Hi all,
i have been offered a job at managers grade non clinical  in Sidra back in September 2018 however still waiting for offer, i heard it reopened again in November??. HR keep saying they are waiting for offer from the department?? does it usually take this long. im sure the offer will come through eventually...... i am also curious about the housing allocation i was told at interview i will be given a family status. thank you all

Hello! May I ask about sidra offer like usually how long is the waiting time before you can receive email for the offer? Because it might take time and Im afraid about my QCHP license because I already resigned because I've been offered too with another company. However I haven't signed a contract from them yet.

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0715Ac wrote:

Hello! May I ask about sidra offer like usually how long is the waiting time before you can receive email for the offer? Because it might take time and Im afraid about my QCHP license because I already resigned because I've been offered too with another company. However I haven't signed a contract from them yet.

@Healer48 how much the offer for nicu?

Depend on how much you are offered depend on hired overseas or Short term Contract ( renewal)